Sunday, January 27, 2008

I thought cats suppose to have 9 lives..

Its amazing how something that you feel is insignificant to you can affect you so much emotionally when that thing is gone. I always brand myself as one of the active members in the 'ANTI-CATS CLUB' (if they have one) and never like cats nor will touch any of them.

As most of you know, last saturday, our family just brought in a lost-malnutrition-pitiful kitten that was wandering outside our house. No mummy of the kitten can be seen after we spotted the poor kitten few days before my mum and sis decided to keep her at home for the moment. I was the only one in the family that can't wait for other people to adopt the kitten as I just can't stand cats, moreover, 'lepak-ing' freely in my house!!!!

For the 1st 2 days, I find the kitten (or affectionately called as PINGU by my 2 sis) very annoying, following me everywhere she possibly can. Staring at me with those pittiful 'cat-in-boots' eyes like the one that is shown in SHREK and hoping that I will just sayang her and manja her. I ignored her and hoping that she will be taken away and even push people to take her away on Jess' surprise party. The only time I touched her and really sayang-ed her was when I accidentally hurt her when I wanted to close the door. GUILTY strucks me.. and I just kept saying sorry and just sayang her la.. That was the 1st time I touched a cat after sooooooooo long...

PINGU left us yesterday night.. She was ill.. doctor told mummy that she's very ill and actually underweight for a kitten her age. There's nothing much we can do. We are not god, we can't communicate with her... We do not know whether she's in pain or what.. but she just left us unexpectedly.. When i actually began to like her alot.. (and I wasn't aware).. I was stunned when Jess told me that PINGU died.. I was speechless at the moment.. Went down to watch an episode of 'HOUSE' just to keep my mind occupied and not think about her.. After the show, went into the room, and tears just running down from my eyes. Jess and Amanda cried too.. Each of us holding a tissue and just started crying. We miss her.. we never expect she will impact our lives so much.. She was in our house for just one week!! It was a very emotional sat night.. where i actually cried myself to sleep. Even now blogging, my tears just can't stop.. I really miss PINGU.. I regretted ignoring her, assuming that I hated cats.. I regretted for not giving her more care, assuming that she's well.. I regretted alot of things.. but time just can't change the history.

PINGU is just special.. although our family is not a cat lover but she has turned our lives upside down and we trully miss her.. She's tiny, she's adorable, she's just sweet.. but seriously, I will not consider a cat as my pet in the future..unless the cat looks like the cute little thing above. The spot where we put a towel for her to play with and lie down is empty.. no more black and white thing rolling on the towel.. No more PINGU following me around with that cute little eyes.. No more me always watching out for PINGU so that she will not come near me.. Wei loong, if u are reading this, pls do not find a kitten for my family. Enough of dramas man.. PINGU, i wish u have 9 lives like what the books and tales always say..I wish you can just revive back and 'meow' to us.. I wish we can do something to let u live longer and experience life with us.. But at least.. u dont need to suffer much.. I miss u, pingu, i really do.. Rest in peace.... love u..

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