Sunday, February 3, 2008

Valentines day.. *yawn*

Met up with a girl friend of mine the other day and she complained that her dearest darling won't be able to spend this year's valentine with her and she's very upset! I was wondering why because this boy friend of hers treats her like a princess and 'manja-ed' her too much.. so for me, I don't think it is a problem if her boyfriend can't be with her because he's working and Valentine falls on a weekday anyway.

I feel that she's over-reacting as Valentine's day by practical is over-commercialised which really helped those blood-sucking business-men earn alot of $$$ by selling flowers, gifts and chocolates with an on-top-of-the-world + ridiculously high price. If a couple is in love with each other, everyday can be Valentines day and its not just February 14. You can still tell your darling that you love her/him on other days and pamper him/her on any other days other than that day. I told her that it is not practical to go out on that particular day because you will be wasting time queing up with other couples in those fancy restaurants which your poor darling has to vormit out a big amount of money for those small servings and you guys will have no peace to enjoy those food as other couples are looking at you, aiming on your table, waiting impatiently for you to leave.. whats the point? Can't romance also.. Since her darling already say that he will bring her out on the weekends after that day, its good enough!! So don't complain la..

At least she has a boyfriend that really cares and loves her.. ME.. haihz.. alone again.. haha.. I'm not complaining because I know I can spend my night with my close friends or my family (better than nothing right?) in my house and just do whatever we want. But sometimes, it feels good to know that someone somewhere is actully thinking about you and missing you.. I am definitely not a big fan of Valentines day because the world has this mentality that if you have no date on that day, you are such loser! Friend, being single is not wrong and not spending time with your darling (if you taken of course) on Valentines day doesn't make u a loser as well. Why spend the unneccessary money when you can actually use the money to eat a good meal and shop on other days? Do you actually have to wait for that day only in order to show each other how important are they to you? Pls.. If someone is so important to you, tell them and show them that you love and care for them.. There are 364 other days for you to proof to them (for this year, you have 365 days) that you love them!

Don't get me wrong, if you and your other half has plans for this very 'special' day, good for you both because you guys made an effort.. But if you do not have because your the other half is busy, be considerate la.. Don't be angry because you still can 'celebrate' on other days and your the other half still loves you!!! I am a little annoyed with my friend because she keeps complaining just because her boyfriend can't be with her on that day. Come on la.. grow up!!! (don't worry, i'm not talking behind her back because I told her straight to her face that she's not considerate about her boyfriend's working condition as she's still a student and she's kindda rich and doesn't really know how the real world is like yet. We didn't quarrel coz we are very straight forward to each other)

* Watch a movie at one of your houses with your darling... At least can cuddle each other ma.. so nice.. then cook something together.. Both of you will still swallow the food no matter how yucky is it and laughed at each other.. that's what love is all about! better than rushing all your agendas outside right?

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pooja said...

yes you are right...:)If a couple is in love with each other, everyday can be Valentines day and its not just February that pic..:)