Monday, February 25, 2008

Motive of Blogging..

I'm guilty of hoping all my friends that have internet at home to read my blog.. (sort of LOA la.. Lack of Attention).. It feels good to know that your friends actually take the time to read what you bother to write and whats going on with your life. However, lately, my chat box and comment section has been pretty empty other than only few friends (1-3) that will leave some comments. Frankly, I was abit dissapointed although my priority to start my blog last year was to just write what I think and sort of like a personal diary and I wasn't even bothered whether anyone reads it or not. After that, friends started leaving messages and I felt motivated and I find pure joy in blogging. Then it went down because I thought my friends are not reading anymore... but i was wrong...

I realised most of my friends are just pure lazy to leave messages in the chat box and they just love to be the invisible visitors.. I have one friend that encouraged me to update my blog everyday because it is just fun to read about my life and what I think about things that are happening around me. I was even shocked that some of my friends feel motivated after reading my blog.. I never expect these things to happen and I'm seriously very very happy to be able to motivate my friends indirectly. Blogging has become part of the culture of the young and happenings.. Although I am not considered as the Happening ones but I trully enjoy the freedom of speech in this cyber space. Thanks to all my friends (not forgetting my 2 sisters that always complain that my entry is always too long) that will talk to me knowing that I am down after reading my blog and thanks to those specific ones (You know who you are) that are addicted to reading my blog. It just feels good to know all these.. I feel like a superstar having some faithful fans.. (hahaha.. shock sendiri) I'm a imperfect human like all of you.. so can't blame me to want some attention too right? Like what my sis puts in her blog.. A perfect human specimen is an imperfect one.. SO TRUE!!!

P/s: Leave some messages la.. At least make me feel good abit.. Haha.. boring la if my chat box is always empty.. dam LOA..

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