Monday, March 3, 2008

Time to be a GOOD citizen..

I was abit surprised and dissapointed that alot of my friends that are above the age of 21 did not register themselves as eligible voters for the upcoming election! I know there are so many things happening in Malaysia's politic scene nowadays that make many of us citizens very very dissapointed. The corruption rate in the political area is so high that even rockets are unable to jump over it. Many felt that their one miserable vote will not be able to change anything and that no point wasting their time and energy to cross at the side of their favourable party during the election.

It is predictable that Barisan Nasional will win the majority votes again like any other years and the government will still remain unchange. But not many realised that we are able to move some of the seats in the Parliament to some of the eligible opposition parties to speak out on our behalf and not let Barisan Natinal be the only party ruling most of the issues voiced out in the Parliament. I'm not in favour of any parties nor the politics but frankly, I am pretty pissed with our current government and majorly dissapointed on how they handle certain issues:

- The case where our beloved Pandamaran resident- Uncle Zakariah(who worked in KTM before) build a mansion in some supposed to be for low-cost houses building area. We pay our tax, he build mansion for his very large family! WHAT THE HECK WEI!!!! There's no news on this issue after the big hoo-haa and our dearest government seem to forgotten about it (oops, they did it again).. Looks like they really need to get Buku tiga 5 man or eat more Ginko for good memory!! They really need to keep record on all the issues happening in Malaysia. Just got to know that Uncle Zakariah's lovely wife is claiming a big piece of land beside their mansion also u know? I so wanna be in politic right now.. I can build mansion for my family and claim lands that not suppose to be mine.. How cool is that? Oh..did i mention that Uncle Zakariah's daughter-in-law is one of the candidates for Barisan Nasional too (should be Port Klang area)? And our government claims that they have scanned through all the candidates.. How convincing.. Malaysia Boleh!

- I question the purpose of our beloved government giving Permanent Resident (PR) status for more than 3 million Indonesians who stayed in Malaysia for less than 10 years.. Worse part, they are considered Bumiputras.. Meaning, they get alot of advantages that other malays cum Bumiputras get.. Unlike the chinese and indians.. How fair is that? Just because they claim themselves to be muslims, our government just approve their application and they share share the stuff lo.. (so cute!!! so generous!!) There are so many non-muslims that are married to Malaysians and stayed in Malaysia for more than 10 years and are still holding red IC because government dont approved their application for PR status..

- Our government always claim that Malaysia is a peaceful loving nation where all the races love one another and live in peace and harmony. But, I strongly feel that our government is the one that is doing all the racist job. They come out with laws that benefit the Bumiputras so much that sometimes Bumiputras just took it for granted. Laws like Bumiputras will get 5% discount if they buy properties, local Universities scholarships should go to Bumiputras and only some will be given to the non-Bumis and etc. There are so many straight A's students were unable to further their studies and are forced to continue in outstation just because their names do not contain Binti or Bin. It is so frustrating whenever you read these things in the newspaper..

- Statistically, Chinese are the major contributors in Tax paying but how much do we get to build temples/Churches? ERM.. as far as I know, I think most temples and churches are built by the people themselves (without the generous help of our government).. And how many mosques have been build for our fellow Bumiputras? I respect the Muslims for their persistent over their faith.. But how many mosques do you need in one area? And its not a small amount they use to build them u know.. I wont be this mad if at least they allocate some money for other religions to build their own place to pray other than just pampering their own race.. Do not blame me for being racist.. They started it..

- We work like slaves to earn a living for the family and pay tax for the country so that they can improve on the country's facilities..but what they did? They spent million and millions to send one man to the space to try out how to make roti canai and Tah Tarik in space? So creative.. Another Malaysia Boleh!! And they claimed that we are the first muslim country to send a man to space.. Wait A Minute my dear.. since when we are considered as a Muslim country? this is so racist wei!!!! Have they forgotten that there are Buddhist, Hindus, Christians, Catholics etc in this country that contributed in sending that man to space? Another thing they have to put in their Buki tiga 5.. And the man just go for trainings.. shoot up to space.. came back awarded with a Dato title and have free money to spend somemore!! So tempted to vote for 'rocket' so that they can send me to space also.. haha..

- Last election, 'Rocket' (DAP) almost won the seat in Bukit Bintang, but last minute our government sent 3 thousand armies to that area to vote for.. obviously.. the government (which is Barisan Nasional) and guess what.. BN won!! Logically, where got army stay in Bukit Bintang? Bukit Bintang is full of shopping complexes and the area is full of chinese.. You can rarely see botak young malay men walking around the street.. Really smart of them! Salute them! Pandamaran's 'rocket' also almost won the seat, but our government decided to combine Kampung Raja Uda's votes with Pandamaran.. So in the end, BN won.. how surprising?

Basically, there are so many unfair issues that I can point out here.. but i think most of you should know better than me.. I rarely finish the politic pages in newspapers because I prefer to read about Hollywood and Fashion..less stressful ma.. haha.. but seriously, I just feel that, we as Malaysians, no matter young or old should do our part and vote for the party that we think will stand by our side. I'm not against Barisan Nasional and I understand that it is never easy to rule a country but I'm just very offended with the things happening around here. Many of my friends rather stay in other countries than to come back.. This is seriously an issue that the government should record in their buku tiga 5 and discuss about it.. (rather than holding a Keris and offending other races in the Parliament)..

I do hope and pray that all voters will think wisely and vote for the party that they think its the most eligible and not vote according to emotions or how much the particular party has spent on giving away free food to normal people like us.. May GOD bless our little country and may our country continue to prosper and Pray hard that Petrol price will go down too.. haha..

P/S: This does not came out from the news..News flesh!! Datuk Mahathir has just confessed that Mr Anwar is innocent after putting him in jail for so many years.. Another thing that pisses me off.. I respect Datuk Mahathir so much and just so hard to believe he can do such thing.. Now I feel so much for Mr Anwar and really pitty the family for having to go through the condemnation..


Celina said...

Wah...if wanna put it in a book, I don't think Buku 555 will be able to put in.

I totally agree with you about the unfairness that we get in this country.

Firstly, when u talk about the scholarship..yes, we study like cow still can't get but those bumi's can just get with a click of fingers. Thanks to our CHINESE tycoon such as Jackie Chan (who is not malaysian - what a shame, Kuok Foundation and many more who set up foundations for Chinese and Indians who are smart but can't afford to pay for their university fees.

What even unfair, when chinese and indian wanna be entreprenuer's, you must have one Bumi inside the board of director else a lot of thing won't be approved.What is this and how unfair??

Mosque popping up like mushroom especially around busy area and here we are wondering why traffic at certain area can be so jam.

Hmm, people, let's open up your eye to see. We are place in this country for a reason. I think is time to rise up and make a change. Am not against anyone but just hope that chinese and indian will be fairly treated and be well taken care off..

Pray hard and vote smart :)

Fang Chin said...

Nice read. =)

But actually Tun M. was using sarcasm on the video. And you must know that some parts of the video were cut off. Apparently Tun was saying "ada orang cakap saya pun menyalahgunakan kuasa masa dulu" instead of what was written on the subtitles.

Anyway, BN lost big this time. Which is a good thing. Time to strike a balance in stuff.