Thursday, March 27, 2008

Admitted to 'hospital'..

Don't worry.. its not me who is admitted to 'hospital'.. Its my house modem.. 'Kaput' after thunder rain with lightnings.. We didn't even on the switch!! Don't know how it damages my modem also.. Thank god its still under warranty, so we have to send to the shop for repair, which has to send the modem to the factory for repair. According to the shop's assistant, it will take almost a month.. CRAP!!! How to live without internet connection at home for one month!!! Me and my sisters were soooooooooooooooo dissapointed.. So, anyone who has an additional modem that can spare us for at least one month, pls pls pls pls call me.. save us from the disconnected world... (i'm using my company's connection.. =P Dont tell anyone k.. )

Other than that, my family's camera also went 'kaput'.. I think too much work has been done by that poor 'fella'.. So, it somehow went into 'depression' and refuses to work for us anymore.. we can't on it and its just not working.. So, we have to send back to the shop to repair.. and guess what, also 1 month!! I feel like i'm in a stone-age world without internet connection and camera.. Thank god my Handphone is working and I've been taking care of it pretty well.. Thank God for TV as well for the 24-7 entertainment.. HAhaha..

My 'skin desease' (allergy which I still dont know what i'm allergy to) is recovering.. (really slow) I have been pure vegetarian for almost 1 week now due to the 2nd attack which causes more ithchiness and darker red spots on all over my body!!! My body look like some aliens that came from Pluto become it has a rough surface and so many spots together.. (you wouldn't wanna see it..) These are the things I cannot eat or do for at least one month or 2 until my spots are completely gone:

- No Meat (mutton, lamb-chop, beef, pork.. watever you can find in the western menu or Nasi Kandar Place)
- No Chicken/ eggs (I haven't touched chicken or eggs for the past 3 weeks!! I missed it so much.. I even forgotten how 'lala jian' taste like.. I never crave for chicken so much in my entire life till now!)
- No Seafood (including my all time favourite-FISH!!! even those tiny little Ikan bilis in our Nasi Lemak also forbidden.. =( )
- No kacang/ bean stuff (I love peanut butter and I love kacang.. i'm goin Nuts!)
- No wine/ Alcohol (this 1 no problem.. )
- No cheese (means no cheese back rice, no sandwich, no burgers!!! what is life without cheese?)
- Soya milk and soya products (no soya beans during makan sessions in restaurants and even the innocent looking TOFU also i can't touch!!!)
- No outdoor (to prevent me from sweating because sweat will trigger itchiness)
- No pets (no touching my 'Princess' for at least 2 weeks until most of the spots are gone)
- No swimming
- No Housework

The best part is only and ONLY 'No housework' part.. the rest.. its like putting me in living hell.. You might laugh at me and thinking that I'm just over-reacting.. Try follow my diet as above (all vegetable) and see how long you can last!!! But, look at the bright side, it helps to de-tox my body and now I actually felt more healthy.. I'm even seeing some improvement in my overall apperance.. But being forced to change from a Major Carnivor to a full time pure Vegetarian is really a dramatic one for me.. My mum has been taking care of me really well.. Thats something I really thank God for.. She cooks special dishes to suit my diet and get loads of tips from her friends on what to do and what not to do.. I felt so 'manja-ed' and seriously, I'm enjoying all the moments of being the special attention.. HAha.. But, my one and only wish now is.. SPOTS SPOTS.. pls go away..

P/s: Pls contact me if u have extra modem to lend me k.. Thanks..

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