Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I know this entry comes abit late but I have been pretty occupied lately with loads of things around. Finally, my first ever 'Virgin' vote during Malaysia's election was casted on last Saturday 08/03/08 at around 3.23pm. Although it was just a short period of time and to many people, it doesn't mean much to them but I was really excited and I feel that I'm doing something I suppose to do for the country and I feel that 'I'm incharged man!!' Hahaha..

The results were out on the wee hours during Sunday morning (while I was sound asleep) and some of the results were expected, some, however, are not.. I was quite happy that some of the leaders were kicked out and this time round, Barisan was kicked real hard at their butt for being over-confident and for talking too much in the parliament. I hope this term's election will really teach them a lesson and they will be humbled with the outcome. After-all, a leader is suppose to be a humble servant in order to be a great leader. It is never easy to lead a team, moreover a country, but Barisan should really pick up the pieces and start back strong.. All the best to them..

The leader that I really hate seeing him lose was Mr Koh Tsu Koon (representative for Barisan in Penang) as I feel that he's the most sincere, down-to-earth, smart, nice leader that you can ever see in Malaysia history. I dont know him much but when I was watching the interview of him with the press on NTV7, I really feel that he shouldn't lose. But one thing he has to know, people do not vote for him is not because he's not a capable leader but people are just voting against the party he's representing. I guess he's just in the wrong party at the wrong time.

The press were surrounding him when the result was out and that he is not the winner. Tonnes of question about what is he going to do in the future and how he feels and so on were thrown to him with no mercy. Yet, being the most gentle politician I've ever seen, he answered them with loads of patience and with a polite smile all the time. In fact, if the press ask the question in Mandarin, he will answer in mandarin. He's well-versed in all Malay, English and Mandarin language! (heads down to him!) How many politicians you can find that are able to converse so well in 3 different languages? I bet Uncle Zakaria can't..

There's never a win-win situation in politics.. Its quite a lost that Mr Koh is not the winner for his territory but I bet it is just a matter of time that we can see him shine in the political industry. All the best to him and his family.. may god bless our tiny little country with loads of leaders that are full of wisdom! May our country continue to grow in everyways and that the people will be more appreciative.. (including me!!!) ADIOS!

p/s: DAP won in my area.. Uncle Zakaria just passed away due to heart attack this morning.. I guess too many people are cursing him.. Condolences to his family.. (at least they still have the astonishing huge mansion)

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