Friday, March 21, 2008

Itchy itchy ithcy

I have been having this skin problem for almost 3 weeks now.. I have consulted 4 doctors (2 western clinis doctors, 1 skin specialist and 1 chinese practisioner) and have tried my very best to be vegetarian since my mum warned me.. (i can't understand how vegetarians can survive in this world without eating meat and eggs.. )Doctors told me is some sort of allergy and I have no idea what it is as I've never have any sorts of allergy since I was born into this beautiful world. Red spots started to appear on my back and I scratched like monkey since then.. I ignored the possibility of me contracting allergy as no history of it and it started to spread to other parts of my body, legs and now.. arms and face.. Dam scarry.. I know its just bad to scratch it because it will leave visible marks once its ok but do you know that it gives u the oh-so-good feeling whenever you scratch those itchy places?

I'm very frustrasted with my skin condition now.. The silky soft skin that I've maintained all my life (with loads of investment on lotions and skin care products) has been attacked by all these merci-less super itchy red small spots.. I feel ugly and so self-concious as some people thought I was having chicken-pox and some even thought it was a skin desease that can spread to anyone around me.. I can't help but to scratch the areas and sometimes I get so annoyed I just don't know what to do. Nights have been so hard to sleep due to the annoying itchy 'sensation' and online games have been my company.. I hate to be 'sick' in this condition.. Medicines (from the east side to the west side) have been tried and taken accordingly and none helped.. Different types of cream and stuff have been slapped generously on my delicate super-itchy skin.. BUT.. I'm still scratching.. HELP!!!!

My sis had even tried tying my hands at night to prevent me from scratching.. haha.. ya.. i know its super funny.. The distance you will go when you are in a desperate state.. My mum got some nice herbal grass from her boss and took all the trouble to boil some nice herbal tea for me to detox all the toxics in me... My sisters have been patiently helping me to put on cream on my back to soothe my itchiness.. Come to think of it.. though I have to go through all these unnecessary torture, I got my family members that really care for me.. Even my friends have been showing much concern.. Giving me loads of funny ideas to get over with it.. Thanks guys!!! I have broke the rule.. I've eaten meat.. haha.. i can't take it anymore.. vegetarian for all 3 meals of the day drive me nuts!!!! I miss eating chocolate.. I wanna eat 'mate kerbau' with loads of sambal in my nasi lemak.. I never miss eating so many things ever!!! Oh god.. pls help me..

p/s: This is not some sort of skin desease that will spread to people through air or any sort of contacts.. Its just pure allergy which I'm still wondering what I'm allergic to.. Maybe my body is weak.. thats why the spots are coming out to show warning.. I dont know.. these are some possibilities that my 'doctors' have told.. I spent RM131 to meet the stupid skin specialist!!! He reminds me of Mr Sa** Ve**..

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