Sunday, April 6, 2008

Decisions.. *argh*

Sometimes I just wish decisions are easier to make rather than me sitting down at the corner of my house, thinking and measuring all the pros and cons of any decisions I'm about to make! U might think you know what will happen if you were to choose A rather than B but alot of things will happen out of your expectations and you just fear that you will regret for choosing A and wishing that you can turn back time to choose B.. U know what i mean? I'm so in a big dilemma right now that I actually don't know what I should do next...

I might look really cheerful outside but deepdown.. I'm worried like a mad cow that is about to be slaughtered to be cook to CURRY.. consulted some of my much more mature friends but I still can't make up my mind. Often, I make my decisions in order to avoid the reality or not to face the problem I'm having.. I know its stupid but we are all humans that tend to fall to the easier ways.. So many things that occupied my mind right now and I really wish I'm at some beach in BALI (ok.. Bali abit too far.. maybe Perhentian will do) relaxing and throw away all these disturbing thoughts.. I'm so in a tension and stressful moment that praying and reading the bible does not really give me the peace at heart..

I thank God for whatever he has blessed me but I wish I can meet him in person right now and ask him what is he trying to do on me????

Yesterday went up to Genting with some of the Grace Youth Camp commettee members to check up the place there for our upcoming GY camp.. It was quite a fruitful one and we have made up our mind on one place that we all agree will be the camp site for 2008's GY camp.. Although we didn't manage to play in the theme parks but we did discussed about alot of things that really opened my eyes.. I haven't been to Genting for quite some time.. I miss playing in the Outdoor theme park.. I miss those great times i had with my family.. I miss holidays and vacations.. I in desperate need of a good holiday getaway.. 2 days 1 night also good for me.. anyone going anywhere?

p/s: I put the largest font due to some of my very 'old' frens that complained my previous fonts are too small.. Nah!!! now i give you super big fonts!!!! hahaha


celina said...

We are living in a world of choice. God give us choices and let us make our own decision. I know how you feel about making decision. Sometimes we may feel that how nice if we can have both and we won't miss out on anything. There is no right decision or wrong decision. Every decision that we made are suppose to teach us something be it a good lesson or a bad lesson. One thing that I learned when comes to decision is that we really need to seek God. Just surrender everything to Him and ask him for wisdom and discernment. At that time of decision making time, you will actually feel God's peace.....don't feel so agitated by the fact that you will miss something. Always follow your heart not your emotions because God speak to our heart.

Philippians 4: 6
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."

Anonymous said...

Hi there, so sorry that now only post a comment in your blogger. Haahaaa, the words is really big for me. Anyway, I really dunno wat happen to you lately. Coz we seldom meet up and hv fun tis few months althought tis post is few months ago. Always remember that u still got best friend around u. Always feel free to call me, k? Thanks for being my best buddy in my life... Muaks, love u ~~~ SauKin