Friday, April 25, 2008

Dont understand..

I was on my way for a medical check-up in KL (near masjid jamek) taking public transport and thanks to my dearest colleague who is willing to drop me at Kelana Jaya LRT station.. and make me realise alot of things..

I don't understand:

-Why some dumb drivers don't even wanna let other people from other direction to move even though he can't move further front.. (these type of drivers really drive me nuts!!) And when you honk them, they will just look in front pretending they are dumb.. stupid people..

-Why klang can be so jam all the time!!! Now even worse, if you are coming from Port Klang to Klang, the bridge there will be jam packed with impatient nutty drivers.. From 3 lanes, they cut to 2 lanes.. I really hope those contruction workers know what they are doing.. I bet the bridge is flooded with CURSES from all drivers..

-Why men nowadays are so not gentleman!! When i was walking out from the LRT, there's this stupid AH BENG that just pushed me away and step on my shoe.. and dont even bother to apologize.. he just look forward and pushes his way out of the LRT.. makes me wanna curse him so much..

-Why doctors smoke in their clinic's toilet.. Hello doctor, toilets are for you to do your small and big business (and whatever that is in between like 'lao sai') but its not meant for you to take advantage on it!! Plus, you are a doctor for goodness sake!! You guys are the ones that always advice people not to smoke because its bad for health.. Looks like you need to go back to school for refreshment class!!! I was the unlucky one that have to go into the toilet after him (because i need to past urine for test) and the smoke was just unbearable..

- Why our KTM take so long to come!!! Government always encourage us to take public trnasport but it is so time consuming!! I have no complains for LRT but our KTM service really.. well.. sucks after so many years.. Plus, the KTM station at KL central was pretty hot!!! I miss my car so much at that time.. Waited like almost half and hour for the train to arrive.. Learn from our neighbour man!!

It wasn't the most pleasent day I have ever encounter and my temperature was really boiling after so many things.. It just add up into the 'hot' factor in me.. haha.. There are other more 'WHYs' I have but I'm just too lazy to list them down.. Have a good weekend everyone.. Hope you guys wont have such a suck-y day like me..

P/s: The forbidden kingdom was really a dissapointment.. I really had high expectation on this movie because 2 of my favourite actors are in there.. JET LI AND JACKIE CHAN.. Don't play play.. but the plot was bad.. the effect wasn't that good and the whole story was quite a mess.. compared to other shows they acted before..Plus.. since when Chinese in CHINA those days know how to speak ENGLISH? You tell me la... Even the chinese GOD in heaven also can speak ENGLISH wei..

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tosriamin said...

Snow white! u have to like that...never been perfect.And...u wrote nice blog to read....see ya.