Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mixed up..

Its been awhile since I last updated my blog.. Many things happened and many lessons i've learned. I'm sure everyone of us had heard of 'Life is never easy' in any part of our life as a human.. Choices are hard to make and right decisions are even harder to make.. Happiness is always easy to share with people around you but sadness is easier to consume alone in the dark corner of your house.. There are few things that are running in my head right now.. and here goes:

*the below statements are purely based on Pamela's opinions and not biased to any party nor person (or even race..even though she's pure chinese) in this world. Should you take these seriously and wanna sue me, you are really wasting your time, money and effort.. Go do some charity.. better for your soul..

- Was watching news on TV with my parents while having our dinner (mum's sambal fried bihun and peanut soup..Heavenly..) and its seems that I have missed out alot on our interesting Parliament's news.. Its so interesting that I just have to share it here..

I dont understand why certain people that (so called) deserve the seat in the parliament have such bad communication skills and observation talent after so many incidents (like the 'Keris' case and 'Bocor' case). I think kids in Primary school will know how to talk better than them!! How on earth is a man on a wheel chair going to stand up to swear in front of the parliament when he's actually on a wheel chair? People depend on wheelchairs for a reason you know.. they just purely can't walk!!! Use your brain to think or (if u can't find your brain) use your eyes to see.. You think Uncle Karpal love to depend on a wheelchair because he doesn't need to walk and he can wheel around in the park for fun? Respect la sikit!!!

- There's this one statement that Uncle Karpal made towards the Sultan of Perak that caused a whirlwind in the politic arena. Just tonight itself in the news, there's already 3 police reports filed against Uncle Karpal. Its sad that those people that worked for Malaysia in the same 'office' can't get along due to the game of power and authority. I know they are of different parties but do you have to scratch each other's back like that to create comedy for the others in the world to see and laugh at? What happen to freedom of speech? What Uncle Karpal said is not really wrong in law actually.. Those of the different party as Uncle Karpal just can't wait to get him down.. Come on man.. give him a break!! The more they do these kind of small petty things towards him, the more supporters Uncle Karpal is going to get..

- Poor Raja Petra (famed politic blogger that IVAN KOK is crazy about) was put into jail because he stated (in his blog) that the murderer(S) of Altantuya's (pardon me if I got the name wrong) case should go to hell.. Hello.. that's his blog.. he has the right to put anything he wants!! Plus.. in most religions, murderers go to hell what.. unless they repented or something.. but its understood.. I have no idea who on earth in our small land can put someone into jail just like that.. might be the most suspected person that is involved la.. there's this one saying in BM that i really like, 'Siapa Makan Cili, Dia rasa pedas' (translation: Whoever that eats chili, he/she feels spicy) Seriously, I just feel that, all these politically powerful people should pay more attention on other serious matters rather than all these ant small things..

Ok.. politics aside..

- Everything is rising.. Water level of the sea.. Ego and pride of humans.. Price.. expecially.. except our salary.. isn't that sad..

- Almost all my friends told me that Iron Man is 'DAMM GOOD'.. I haven't watch!! Don't tell me the story.. (though the story is pretty predictable like any other superhero movies)I will watch soon.. anyone wants to date me? *Puppy Eyes*

- Love is so powerfull and unmeasurable.. I just hate it when things involved love or anything related to it..

Today is a boring day.. but tomorrow will be much better..

P/s: Things that look really bad right now might not be that bad in the future.. Be patient and never give up..

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