Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Its 3.38 am and while more than half of the men population is watching Chelsea vs Red Devils aka Man U, I'm staring blankly at my computer updating my pathetic blog.. (i'm supporting Chelsea coz Man U too many fans d..GO CHELSEA!! YOU ROCK!! Whoever that are playing la..) Sad life? I dont think so.. Just can't sleep.. its dam irritating when i know i suppose to get some rest and get my butt up and drag myself to the office in few hours time..

Anyway, I was given a rare opportunity by my ever lovely boss last friday to attend a new vessel's (big ship that carries containers from one coutry to the other)launching in west port. Finally!! After working under Boustead (mind u.. its not read as Bastard k) shipping for more than 1 year, I can step into the ever-famous WESTPORT!! I've been waiting and waiting for the chance but it never came true.. I was just anticipating for the day to come and of course will not leave my camera at home..

The 'grand' opening is in this building where all the (boring) speeches will be presented by big shots.. This is the only 'tall' building you can see in the whole west port..

Ladies and gentleman, introducing my dearest colleague aka partner in crime (at office) aka my driver of the day aka teddy bear (look at the cute cuddly size..) aka Mr Ryan ng.. standing like a dungu while taking pic.. I think he forgot to wash his face..haha.. he's so gonna kill me..

The background is not interesting.. the model is worse.. i suck at posing.. still learning the art of posing.. or should I just blame on the camera man.. lol
This is the hall where all the formal ceremony thingy is held.. I wasn't really concentrating.. *sleepy* busy scanning around and taking pic..

Some of the employees of Boustead Shipping + customers = the crowd

Victor from Penang who drove down all the way for this thing since 4am!!! salute his stamina!! He's one of those rare funny sporting person you can really talk to..
part of the view of the port from the building..
Look at those blue gigantic 'dinasours' they use to lift up containers from and onto vessels..

Just look at those imported cars 'sun-bathing' in the middle of west port.. *drools*

I'm still figuring out what are those big pipes for..
Terence helping me to Adjust the hat before we proceed to the new vessel..So gentleman.. can't wait can't wait.. *screams with absolute excitement*
One of my many colleagues that got the chance to visit this vessel.. Farah..
Kak Sue and me.. She's just really fun to be with.. I hate that yellow line on my teeth.. darn.. so annoying.. spoil the whole pic..
Posing with her sunglass.. Ms Sandra.. Vegetarian and stronger than most of us youngsters..
In the bus from the building to the VESSEL!!! All looking like firemen and women..

THE VESSEL!!!! Its just so huge that it takes my breath away..
This is my BOSS!!! We call him Jackie Cheung coz he can really sing!!! Dont be fooled by his smile.. you dont know the garang-ness in him.. But he's really nice..
Ryan with Boss.. We are the only 2 sales people under him for now.. *praying for cuter and hotter looking colleagues to join the sales team*
Wanted to take me with the vessel..but the vessel is just too huge.. I'm quite satisfied with my look here.. so dont care..
Humans just looked so small here.. Westport is very particular about safety.. so, we all have to wear a safety helmet and the XL size bright yellow jacket while we are in the port..

Shawn and me.. the other sales from the other department.. looking abit dungu also..
The couple of Malaysian version Brokeback mountain.. Ryan and shawn.. Both of them just love to join forces and bully me big time!! Love them and hate them..
Its seems like endless..
Walking up.. *heart pumping faster*

One of the machinese i spotted in one of the rooms.. i have no idea whats the purpose.. just very excited about everything and snapping away.. after all.. no films are needed what..
We have to climb like 5-6 floors to reach the control room.. tiring.. all of us are penting after we reached the top..
This is the control room where the captains and sailors 'drive' the vessel and calculate stars and bla bla bla.. finally!!!
The biggest compass I've ever seen.. darn cool..
The steeering wheel that look so powerless to control the whole vessel..

Everbody exploring..
This is the view from the top to the vessel which is carrying more than 200 containers.. I think its the size of more than 3-4 football fields..
The deck..
The back of the vessel.. more containers..
This is the name of the Vessel..

I'm still learning how to pose.. I suck.. I know..

Me with Salinda.. She's a mother of 3 already!!
My camera ran out of battery and I didn't managed to take more pics *sob sob* after this last 1.. But the whole experience was just so cool and I really enjoyed it.. Although its really really hot!!! It is something that not everyone will be able to experience and although I'm really excited about it.. I doubt I can ever live in such vessel or any ships for more than 1 month.. They have all sorts of facilities for the crews on board and its quite modernized but the space constrain and the limited access to the world on land will drive me nuts.. This is something I will treasure and thanks to my boss who's willing to bring Ryan and me up for this whole trip.. because, technically, we both are not really 'related' to this ship as its not our responsibility to sell the spaces of this ship to our customer..
P/s: I'm still so awake!! crap.. I'm getting really bad sleeping disorder already.. its already 4.18am.. and the match has not ended..

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