Monday, May 26, 2008


Its pretty early in the morning right now.. Half of the office is still empty.. I have no idea why on earth am I in the office so early.. The temperature and the environment makes me wanna sleep even more.. Tried my best to sleep at 12am last night but failed.. Laughing gas attacked the system of the Soo's sisters.. Everything we did or said seems to be really funny to all 3 of us yesterday night. We laughed none stop and lame jokes were exchanged.. I love it when 3 of us were together and all the sarcasm are out.. I love it when we make time for each other.. I love them and I seriously gonna miss them if I really go to Singapore.. I've never slept in a room alone before.. Unless I'm travelling or something..

A book I just bought caught my attention.. The witty writter impressed me with all her experiences on air.. I loved reading it and find it hard to let it go from my hands and eyes.. When the clock strikes 1am, I told myself to stop and go to sleep but curiousity seems to over-powered my will-power.. I continued reading and gave up at 1.30am.. I still have 1/3 of the book I haven't finished.. Must finished it by today as I still have so many books lining-up waiting for me to 'open ceremony'.. I can't help it when I see books.. dam.. this is bad money management..

p/s: I think I slept around 2am.. Woke up at 7.15am.. I slept for 5 hours only.. crap.. Today I will be a walking zombie.. Ms Headache is going visit me again..

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