Friday, May 16, 2008

Lets pray for them..

I'm sure all of you are aware of what's going on with Myanmar and especially China which is really in need of support in any form. It really kills me to see all the pictures and news reporting about the disaster and the after shock.. I was browsing through online yesterday about the earthquake and tears were just rolling in my eyes as I see how the people trying their very best to save any survivors that are trap underneath the 'buildings' and time is really not on their side. Time is running out as it has been few days after the earthquake hit that area and even if the people survived under the 'building', they might get out of breath, or even starved to death. The death toll is rising dramatically and the cries of the people is loud and clear..

Let us all, in whatever religion you are in or believe, hold hands and pray for them.. We of course can't fly to China now to help but we can at least give them moral support in prayers.. If you can and able to, it would be better to contribute financially.. But I dont really know how.. I think some of the TV stations are collecting funds to aid the Chinese.. Before you go to sleep tonight or anytime, remember to say a short and simple prayer for them..

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