Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jam packed weekend.. *phew*

Its always fun to spend some quality time with your family and friends during the stress-free weekends.. But i always have not enough time!!! How i wish we can have a 3 days weekend and only require to work 4 days.. haha.. *day-dreaming*.. Anyway, met up with 3 of my ex-colleagues in the famous 'haunted' Green Box Karaok in AEON Bukit Tinggi and at first we thought there were too few of us to sing 3 hours..but we have under estimated ourselves..
We were there since 3pm till 9pm.. 6 long strainght hours to sing our hearts and lungs out.. At first we plan to sing till 6pm, then the waiter came in and ask us whether we are interested to stay for their 'buffet dinner' and we just need to pay extra RM10 and extend the hours till 8pm. Of course we agree!! because at that time we were pretty high after screaming our lungs out to songs by Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Linkin Park, Black Eyed Peas, Lee Hom, Jay Chou.. and other famous karaok songs.. then they never come and shoo us after 8pm.. we stayed until 9pm and we gave up.. we were just too tired to continue.. But it was fun.. I kindda enjoy those karaok moments already..

The whole sound system and all are pretty good.. interior wise.. no complains..

This is the Nissin Noodle my fren ordered during the happy hours (3-6pm).. the egg.. looks erm.. not appetising..

Can u spot something that is not suppose to be in this picture?

Its this box of sushi I have sneak in (which i hide it under the table) because they only serve really junky junk-food and drinks during the happy hours.. I was starving.. can't blame me for sneaking it in right..

This picture was taken on purpose with space in between my friends to attract our 'friendly friends' like what the rumours have been spreading.. but looks like we are scarrier than them.. 'they' dont even wanna take picture with us.. (Janice, Kien Ping, Kien Hong)

During the happy hours, Kien Ping was invited to play a ball-throwing game to win some prizes.. One of his 'fierce' competitor..
This is the 'champagne' he won for us..

Its just Sparkling juice.. *SWEAT*Cheers to 5 years of friendship..
The happy winner with his prize.. he can be quite a good ambassador for Darlie.. haha
They have loads of different flower tea for you to cool down your throat.. I got Peppermint tea which they claim to ease your throat after you scream too much..
Kien Ping..
Kien Hong.. forever acting cool..

The forever sweet Janice who is the youngest among us as well..
We were pretty tired already..
Happy Family..

It was tiring after 6 hours of 'angelic singing' but I still have a 'big' project to do with my sisters for our mum due to Mothers' day (on the next day which technically its only less than 3 hours left).. It was pretty last minute but the result is just priceless.. Mummy were full of tears after we hand her the 'project' we came out with..

It all started in the morning before I proced to my 'vocal training'.. we put up this at the door of our mini library to prevent mummy from going in.. Its quite stupid but we manage to get her laugh for the stupidity.. *sign is 'designed' by jess*
Our possession and tools..for making the project perfect..

The messy table.. *embarrassed*

The loves we make *disturbed look* for every page of our 'project'.. Jessica just loves to say 'We must make loads of love.. faster..make love'.. lol..
The end result.. its actually just a small booklet on what our friends think of their mums and at the end.. each of us wrote what we wanna say to our mummy and we pasted our picture on it.. Mummy came back to our room red-eyed and thank us for our effort.. It looks and sounds easy.. but it really took us quite some time to complete it due to some very not co-operative friends who are shy to share what they wanna tell to their mums and also our really last minute preparation.. but IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!!!

p/s: Thank you for those that took their time and effort to tell us and write the thoughts down so that we can include in the booklet.. Dont worry, we will not leak it out to your mothers.. for my friends, thanks to Sau Kin, Su Lin, Hermann, Ryan and also Shawn (who is the most not co-operative).. You guys rock the socks!!!

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