Monday, May 19, 2008


OMG.. (stands for Oh My Goodness in my case..) I've heard of our previous Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohd starting up his own blog since blogging has been such a trendy thing that almost everyone is doing.. But I haven't got the time to really look at it and don't really know what is his site's name.. When I was browsing through one of my friend's blog, I happen to see the link he has created to Tun's blog, so i click on it.. (just like what you will do later to the below add:
It is pretty inspiring I can say.. Ever since I was eligible to vote for the last election, I have been quite occupied with the game of politics.. It is quite interesting to see those people in the cabinet 'pulling each other's hair' and 'cat-fighting' just to gain 'power' and support of the fellow normal people.. I always respect Tun and although he has confessed that Mr Anwar was innocent when Tun put him in jail, I still respect him for having the guts to confess in front of the nation. He's still a human after all.. and no humans are perfect.. Only God is perfect, my dear.. He has brought this nation to a level where we are now and lead this nation to the world of technology.. I believe he has done and performed well throughout his service as our Prime Minister.. Tun Dr Mahathir, I SALUTE YOU!!! (like la he will ever bother to read my stupid blog).. Anyway, if you have the time, have a look at the blog and you will be blown away.. It will help you to improve your malay too..
Oh, I always wanna ask all my friends this but I'm too shy to ask.. so, i decided to ask here and if you wanna comment, you know how to reach me or leave your piece of mind at this blog.. well.. the question is.. *heart pumping*.. 'doop! doop! ... doop! doop!..'
I look better with specs or without specs?
ok, i know its super lame but some people commented that I looked much better without specs but i prefer wearing specs because it has the funky attitude and it helps to cover my dark circle!!! I just love wearing specs and I've collected 3 different specs for my own use already!! I just want to know what you guys think.. la..
See what i meant? Even my eyes look much bigger...

And without specs, I look like a plain normal boring Jane who really needs make-up and my eyes are so tiny.. The specs mark on my nose is so visible.. and my eyes look like they need serious beauty sleep and eye masks!! CRAP!! You be the judge la..

p/s: Remember to read Tun Dr Mahathir's Blog k!!! Its so cool.. and dont forget to read those long long long comments the people have left.. It is so interesting..

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