Thursday, May 29, 2008


Every time I see your smiling face
it takes me away to a special place.
Every word I hear you say
it makes me have a happy day.
Every time I saw your eyes
my frustration suddenly go away
Have you ever seen this poem before? I find it really simple yet sweet.. My friend claims that he wrote this by his own.. Is it true? haha.. Can't believe he's such a romantic if this is really original..
p/s: I'm so hungry right now.. and so addicted to Bejeweled 2.. dam addictive wei..


Anonymous said...

This poem title is "A Special Someone". It have a second part for this poem. Checkit out.

Even today I can't see you smiling
I know my heart still remembering.
Even today you say no thing to me
My heart still curving you name,
Even those eyes doesn't cry for me
My tears still droping which you will never see.

celina said...

wah...wat a poem and ur friend claim he wrote it and it is for YOU??

hehehe...'cheeky grin'..does it meant something???? :p