Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm Flying without wings...


'Hi Pamela, this is Lilian here from SIA..'

'Oh hi.. Ms Lilian.. Good morning..'

'Waiting for my call huh?'

'Ya man, impatiently and desperately..'

'Hahaha.. You are really funny.. Anyway, just wanna let you know that your working permit has been approved.. But you need to give your current company one month notice right?'

'Huh? So fast approved d? Oh my goodness.. I didn't expect this.. Ya.. I need to give my boss 1 month notice before i can leave for good.. '

'IC.. So you can't make it on the 2nd of July flight?'

'I dont think so, is there a later flight?'

'OK then, I'll put you in the 10th of July flight, then the training will start on 14th.. Is that ok for you?'

'Sounds ok to me..'

'Ok.. let me put your details in.. and FYI, you have to sign the bonded contract with our KL office before you come here on the 10th and you must bring along a guarantor.. He or she must be 21 years old and above and working.. Cannot be your spouse if you are married..and remember, you will be bonded under SIA for 25 months.. '

'Oh.. ok Ms Lilian.. so, 10th of july?'

'Yup, you will fly from KLIA.. I will send you an email for more information and you can call me anytime if you need anything k..'

'Ok, Ms Lilian, thank you very much.. I'll see ya soon..'

'ok, bye..'

There goes.. I will be singing my life away to SIA and will be flying off soon.. Its a mixed feeling and as much as I wanna go there ASAP, I also 'mm seh tak' alot of people and things here.. especially my family.. So all of u there, pls meet me up before i leave for Singapore K.. although its very near to Malaysia but I doubt I will have alot of opportunity to meet you guys in the future.. call me k..

P/s: So many things to do so many things to buy.. how la.. any sponsors? lol...

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