Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2 weeks and counting down..

Right now, I'm working in a position where many will be jealous of.. My job is to be at home, do some housework (ordered by my dearest mum), go online, eat, sleep, read and do whatever I want.. The position is called 'Sampah Masyarakat'.. Basically I'm suppose to work but I'm no longer working because I have resigned from my company and now I'm enjoying my holidays.. So to speak.. Many of you might think that this is really fun but in exactly 2 weeks time, I will be leaving this very comfort zone and start my life anew. I'm still trying my very best to minimise my list of things to bring to Singapore but it doesn't seem to work!!! I gave up and now blogging..
Loads of meet ups with most of my friends lately until my mum complained that I rarely at home and really appreciate all of you (and them) that are willing to make up some time to be with me before I leave Malaysia to torture myself. While many said that it is a good opportunity (which I can clearly see myself), I take this as a challenge for myself. I've told many of my friends that I'm a pampered spoilt brad that loves to be at home whenever possible.. and going there all by myself, taking care of my own meals, washings and stuff will really really kill me.. haha.. PLUS, many experienced cabin crews warned me that the training period is gonna be like hell for all of us because they will really break and crush you. Thats why, before I leave to Singapore, I have to sign my life away in a contract with SIA as they know that many will give up but can't because if anyone does, one must compensate alot alot alot of money to SIA.. in SIN DOLLAR somemore..Its gonna be crazy.. but I'm sure with the love and support from my family and friends and not forgeting the ever faithful God, I can go through the 4 freaking training months. After that, PAMELA can proudly says that she's officially a cabin crew for SIA!! Yeepee!! I can fly..
Yesterday was my last day at work but my boss decided to have a simple farewell lunch for me on last thurs as he has to attend a conference in Barcelona this whole week.. I'm not talking about the BAR-celona at Sunway Pyramid, but he's really in Spain the country (how fortunate man..) and he does not take SIA.. he took some middle east air line.. Due to the large number of employees under Boustead Shipping, only 1/6 of the entire Boustead shipping population is invited for the simple luncheon.. It was more than enough for me and I trully treasure what my boss has done.. Thanks Jackie! The luncheon was held in Montes which is a walking distance from my office and the food is pretty good attached with an above average price tag..

While waiting for the food to come... I was really HUNGRY!!! Notice that the females sitting at one side and the men another.. Its so like those match-making meetings you will see on tv.. lol

Sitting opposite me, my boss-Jackie looking happy because his most headache employee is leaving.. HAPPY for him.. and beside him is Mr Nazri.. the HEAD of the accounts side..
The over-friendly restaurant supervisor which gives me goosebumps whenever he speaks..
The ladies..
The men.. talking about stars and heaven.. haha..

Me with the forever sweet and nice married Salinda..
Food is served to everyone except me.. crap..

the one on the left is the General Manager of Boustead shipping- Mr Bernard Khit and the teddy-bear look-alike on the right is the retired Mr Chiang who came all the way from KL to Klang to meet me!!! felt so honoured!!!

After lunch, I cam-whored with some of my colleagues.. starting from my neighbour, Nora.. who supplied me with plenty of chocolates.. I will sure miss her.. chocolates..haha..

Viviana who sits in front of me.. took this pic while waiting for her to finish her conversation with customer.. She's the customer service who helped me alot when I'm outside most of the times..
Finally.. TEDDY bear.. RYAN.. the one i will miss the most..
Ms Elaine.. she's like my mum in Boustead..
Wani.. who calls me darling in the office.. married at the age of 22 if not mistaken.. and she's younger than me..

Pretty Emma.. who plans to get married pretty soon too.. a cam-whore pro.. Ms Khor who looks abit like my late grandma.. she's the kindest person in the whole company..
Brother Ng.. who doesn't like me to call him Uncle.. retiring this or next year i think..
Kak Aida.. paling sporting..
Kak Fiza.. my 'financial' provider.. She releases my claim cheque all the time..

Kak Aiton... she went emotional when I wanted to take pic with her..
Ms Jaya.. we were roomates during last year's company trip..
Tosri.. the one i can talk to for hours..
this is the view of my office from my place..
Kak Aida n Nora posing..
I used to complain how boring life is in Boustead coz I never appreciate what I have and I trully dislike sales job.. Yesterday as I was clearing up my table I realised how much I've grown and learned throughout my 1 and a half years attachment with Boustead.. the nice bunch of people I met and the knowledge I got that money cannot buy. Although I will be going to a totally different line, they are still very nice to me and kept asking me to come back and visit them.. they are simple, nice and down-to-earth.. Now I'm missing them d.. crap!!
p/s: another Farewell party tonight...this time with my friends whom I got to know when I was doing my sales job.. can't wait to hear them sing.. I doubt I will sing alot.. because they are really hard-core singers..

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