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NOTE: If you are not interested in my personal life and hates pictures, pls ignore this post as this is gonna be a super long post filled with boring-to-you but really cherish-ta-ble pics and awesome moments days before I leave Malaysia for good..

Last week was just jam-packed for me as Wednesday was my last day of work in Boustead and I have to finish my work before I finally say goodbye to my desk. However, thursday and friday nights were just awesome and I attended 2 so called 'farewell' dinners which really make me tired for the whole weekend.. I guess age is just catching up.. haha..

Thursday night was a karaok night and it was organized by my friends who I got to know through my sales job. They are just a bunch of crazy people but down-to-earth and really nice awesome people.. We cracked our voices in the newly-opened Neway Karaok which was located in Centro Klang and I tell you.. The food (Buffet Dinner) was much more better than some of the buffets you can find in KL city..

As I have warned you earlier, you may skip reading this post if you are not the picture type of people and just dont bother to know who i knew in this earth.. Do not complain that this post is too long and boring..

Here Goes:

We booked a room which can accomodate more than 10 people and the songs are projected to the screen which really wow-ed me.. I've never been to a projected karaok room.. the best was just a flat-screen TV which have WOW-ed me already.. However, the selections of songs in English still need alot of improvement..
Me and Kenny were the first to arrive and he was my driver of the night.. We happen to stay at the same street.. So, not nice to drive in 2 cars and waste the energy of the world right?
Black sofa.. cool and elegant..
The buffet.. They basically change the style of cooking almost every half-an hour... I've tried like 4 types of fish in different styles in just one night! First was normal sweet-n-sour fish which I am almost guilty of finishing the whole dish.. Its just too nice.. can u blame me for being selfish? Blame the cook for making it so nice! Then, they served Grilled Salmon.. which makes me drool too.. Then they have chinese-style-steamed fish.. oh perfect!! And after that, they serve some black sauce fish which I was too full to even try a piece.. hahaha..
The desert and appetizer counter located at the center of the small buffet hall.. They even have 'hundred year old egg', hams, salad..From the east to the west.. How thoughtful are these cooks..
The sushi counter which Jessica will kill to have it.. But too bad she wasn't invited.. Basically you can choose anytype of 'dressing' you want for your sushi-s and you can only have 3 sushis at one time..
The couple.. Gary and his boo.. Sorry but I really can't remember her name.. It was my first time meeting her k..
Apologize for my bad photograpy skills..
Eric trying to attract the attention of everyone..
Darry and his cousin.. the cousin who doesn't sing at all throughout the whole session.. how odd..
Cherlyn.. Someone that I can count on in times of troubles.. She's like our 'tai kah che' for the group..
This picture was taken when Shin Wae and me were singing our hearts out.. Thats why my mouth is widely opened..
The controls were pretty confusing.. As you can see.. Ivy is having a tough time trying to get the songs she wants..
Kenny.. Singing almost every songs we chose...
Eric, who has a soar throat even before we start..
My lovely now-ex-colleague Ryan the Teddy bear who was so nice to drop by..
Cherlyn who was really tired after few songs and pls note that all of them came after work..
Shin Wae.. The Pretty one..
Ivy, the pretty one.. thanks for coming dear.. and thanks for the surprise!!
Me and Eric.. The nagging one..
That sums up my thursday 26-06-2008 night and I really miss the food (also the fellowship!!).. I miss all the fishes and all the dessert!! I live to eat k!!! And it was really nice of them to take their time out after work just to make this a memorable one for me.. Thanks guys!! And unfortunately, I didn't managed to take pictures with everyone in the room.. *Sob Sob*
Anyway, on friday night, the YAF (young adults fellowship) organized a farewell dinner for Cheryl, Joy and me who are leaving to Singapore, Australia and Singapore. Cheryl who got a really good offer left Malaysia for Singapore on Sunday and really thank God that at least I have someone I know in singapore that I can count on for my spiritual walk.. However, things are even nicer for Joy who will be leaving to Australia to get married with her honey and live happily ever after.. As for me.. You know the story..
The farewell dinner was held in a buffet restaurant called 'Halia' located in Sime Darby convention Centre near Hartamas and their concept is pretty interesting.. They only have soup, bread, appetiser and dessert on the buffet table..As for the main dish wise, the waiters will come to your table holding 2 sticks of grilled chicken, lamb, beef or any other kind of edible meat and seafood at one time.. If you want the grilled chicken that one waiter is holding, you tell him, and he will leave you wit 2 pieces of meat on your plate without you walking and going through the hassle of grill-ing your own food..
The setting of the tables.. Simple and nice..
The sauces they provide to go with the meat..
The desserts.. Oh.. the chocolate cake.. I miss you..
My 'Bra-thers'.. Wei Loong the cheeky one and Brian the blur one..

The whole group of us together with Pastor John and wife... All young and vibrant!!!
Me with Sheila.. She's so cute and adorable..
Cheryl, Me, Sheila and Grace.. We were trying to pose like Models and obviously we failed..
The tall skinny man is Eugene who was jealous that nobody wants to take picture with him.. And Anna smiling beautifully like a girl in a potrait.. David.. trying to steal the limelight at the back!
Theres baiscally nothing much to do after we filled our hungry stomachs.. so we cam-whored and posing at almost every corner of the restaurant!!
Me with Ms Stylo.. Wuan Chin.. my partner in Crime NUMBER 1!!!
TJ the joker and always the cheerful one!! Remember our agreement!!!
My Tai Koh/Uncle- Jeffrey.. Never fails to help me whenever I need it..
The Cheeky and unpredictable Wei Loong..
Partner in Crime NUMBER2/ Wilder Beast.. The bubbly Grace..
Hermann the man!! I'm so gonna miss you when I leave..
Cheryl and I.. One last pic before we both go to singapore for different purpose.. We both agreed to meet in singapore after this.. 'See ya in singapore!'
The Criminals.. Wuan Chin, Stephanie, Grace and duh!
Miss Malaysia posing style.. we have no professional training k!
Mr and Mrs David Ng... So sad for them that they have to be seperated for 2 months before David joins Cheryl in Singapore..
Brian whom I sayang the most..
TJ with the ladies..

Hermann with the criminals..
Mr and Mrs Lee Hwai Tah.. Sherrene looking forever gorgeous in any pictures..

No Comment..
The ladies.. and some who were in the restroom..
The soon-to-be part-time-Singaporeans with the macho men..

Stephanie trying to immitate 'Forest Gump's poster but it turned out to be pretty spooky..

All in all, I really enjoyed both the events and it was really sweet of my friends to organize this and take their precious time out just to be a part of this.. All these will be sweet memories that I can only remember in my heart and also written down in my blog.. It makes it even harder for me to leave but I know God has better plans for me in Singapore.. Thank you guys that are featured above for this awesome time and pls do keep in touch k!
p/s: It is 1st of July now.. I have 9 more days to go.. time really flies man..

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