Tuesday, June 10, 2008

tagged.. again!

Six People To Tag:
I tag no one to create no enemies.. lol.. feel free to do this thing on your blog (if u have 1)..

Six Things I'm Passionate About :

Six Things I Say Too Often :
"Babi la lu"
"Oh Shit!!"
"Walau.." or the longer version "Walau.. eh.."
"I'm hungry.."
"Oh My Goodness.."

Six Books I've read(Recently):
-PS, I love you (everybody must read this!!)
-The Sky is crazy (written by a local former MAS stewardess..)
-'Fei Tong Fan Xiang' (written by a local former MAS stewardess as well.. In chinese version and more details)
-The Wives of Bath (stupid book.. waste my money.. anyone wants this book? I can sell it at RM5..haha)
-Silent Boy (currently reading.. Amanda enjoys reading it.. But i find it rather draggy..)
-Are Magazines considered as book? I've read like 3 mags in this month itself.. All fashion.. (2 chinese 1 english)

Six Songs I Can Listen To Again and Again :
- Realise (Colbie Cailat)
- Low (T-pain Ft Flo-rida)
-Please dont stop the music (Rihanna)
-With You (Chris Brown)
-Dreaming of You (the late Selena)
-'Liang san puo yu zhu ying tai' (chinese song by Chao Ge and Zhuo Wen Xuan)

Six Things I Learnt In The Past :
-Be positive and optimistic in everything you do
-Nobody's perfect
-Trust yourself at most times
-Don't lend money to any friends!
-Everybody is attractive at their own way..
-It takes persistence to suceed..

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