Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dry Throat.. head spinning

In the name of Fathers' Day, the Soo family went to AEON Bukit Tinggi for a hardcore Karaok session on Saturday.. How hardcore? From 3pm to 10pm!!! 7 hours non stop.. Even when the dinner buffet is served, we took turns to eat and sing so that we dont waste a single penny spent.. haha.. Never look down on the ability and stamina of the Soos.. haha..

For me it was even a longer day.. Called up one of my friend when my body finally decided to wake up at around 10 something and we decided to catch Hulk as he was all excited about the release of that movie.. (Yes, its a HE but we are really good friends only.. Wasted for me.. haha..I'm saying this because he reads my blog too) Personal opinion, this version of Hulk is much better than the previous one.. (acted by the hot Eric Bana..) The story line is slightly better, the overall performance is above my expectations.. Not bad for a super hero kind of movie..

Right after the movie, we went for a quick lunch and then I chased my friend away while I went and check-in to the room for Karaok.. My dad loves to sing by nature.. Although he's not the best singer in the world.. But he's above average if you wanna compare him with other peasants and with his macho voice, certain songs sound really really good.. *Imagining daddy singing Butterfly Kisses when i get married in the future..* *sob sob* So, Mummy decided to bring us all there to celebrate Fathers' Day and also this is part of the family time thing before I leave for Singapore.

As usual, we will have arguments on who should sing first and next because our music interests varies from individual to individual.. Dad loves to sing Oldies.. From Bee Gees to Lionel Richie.. You name it.. All those singers that are 40 and above, he knows! For mum's side, she only orders Chinese oldies and occasionally duet with Daddy for some classic English oldies like 9,999,999 tears.. Jessica loves the fast tracks by those hot young macho singers who are 30 years and below.. From Troy (of High school musical fame) to Jason Mraz.. But too bad, Green Box do not have alot of selections for English new releases.. Even if they do, the MTV does not have the lyrics for us to sing along.. In Amanda's case, she loves all those new hot young chicks that can play musical instruments and sing like angels.. From Colbie Cailat to Michelle Pirrelis.. I'm the most general.. I sing to almost every songs that were on the screen.. Except for my obssesion towards Wang Lee Hom's songs.. haha..

The best part of the day was when Jessica ordered 'When you're gone' by Avril Lavigne.. I was shocked because it is super high in tune and she hardly listens to Avril's songs.. To my surprise, it was dedicated specially to me by her and Mandy because I'm going to leave them for the 1st time in their entire life. I was stunned but thrilled by their very sweet thought.. Throughout the song, although their pitch were a little out and they went out of tune in certain parts, they managed to put me in tears.. Although that song was meant for a guy who's leaving his Gf.. but they chose the right song to sing to me.. Sing along to this.. 1...2.. 3..

- Avril Lavigne Lyrics

Overall, it was an awesome day for us.. But the side effect is.. all of us had really dry throat although we drank loads of fluids.. and on sunday, we were dead tired.. All of us went for afternoon nap after church.. I think we had too much exposure of TV wave.. thats why.. and my head is still spinning.. crap..

p/s: 'Here in my home' sang by various local artists is really really hard to sing.. I thought it was easy.. Go try this song out if you have the chance.. Westlife and Lee Hom's songs are still the best!

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