Monday, June 16, 2008


Feeling rather fat and ugly lately..

Fat = Ate too much due to good mood, out to catch up with friends too much and it is a natural symptom of every girl to complain that she's fat even though she's not..But for my case, I have put on a little weight..

Ugly = Red allergy-like spots appeared on the cheeks on my face lately + the failed-squeezed pimple scar on my nose which is really irritating me now..

I decided to challenge myself with my house's threadmill while watching Friends in the living hall with the motivation of running + walking on it for 1 hour.. But I FAILED.. miserably.. in less than 15 mins, i was lying on the sofa giving up and both eyes staring at the TV laughing at Joey's lame joke.. Looks like the only way for me to really RUN is when my friends pull me to Taman Rakyat to run and really sweat like mad.. I wont be able to give up half way like how I did at home.. I seriously need to get my body toned up before I go to singapore.. Don't wanna look like orang kampung among the other hot 'contestants' when I start my training there..

Why is my butt so big all the time? ARGH...

p/s: I still haven't watch IRON MAN!!! Shawn, where is the DVD you owe me!!!!!

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