Sunday, June 8, 2008

Heart 2 heart..

Mummy went emotional yesterday when we were chatting in the living hall while she was eating 'Bah Zhang' (sticky rice wraped in lotus leave with pork, mushroom and bla bla bla..).. We were talking about my future and what might lie ahead of me.. Suddenly she said:

'Everybody told your dad and me that its a waste we never have a son because we only have 3 daughters but I want you and your sisters know that we never regret for having daughters and not going for a 4th child to try out for a boy.. Everybody says that its a good thing that my daughter gets into SIA and do not let us down k.. Make sure you do things that we will be proud of.. and never forget what you have learned here and never give up on what you believe because we believe in you..'

This really come unexpectate and mum was all tears thinking of the fact that I will be leaving her in 1 month time after she has invested in me so much time, effort and most of all, MONEY!! Mummy, although you wont be reading this, but I assure you again here (in black and white) like how I promised you yesterday that I will not forsake the family even though I will be away.. Its just Singapore what.. After my 4 months training, I still can come back (by bus.. cheaper ma..) and turn the house upside down.. Lol.. It is tough for me to leave home after being pampered for more than 22 years and I can't imagine my life without your yummy home-cooked food and Daddy's 'lecture'.. But I belive I can make it and will not let you or daddy down.. I LOVE YOU!!!

p/s: In the midst of clearing my things (no, i didn't bother to pack up yet.. but cleaning up my stuff.. coz I got so much things that I can't bring and not used..), I found some shoes (or some prefer to call it heels) that I will never wear or bring to Singapore.. My sisters can't fit into my shoes and I'm size 6.. I will post up the pictures soon and i will be selling it in less than half of the original price.. coz most of them are pretty new.. haha.. I have to sell la coz petrol price up.. everything up except Salary and I got 'tabung Pamela ke Singapore-S$3500' to fill up.. help la.. if u can.. At least this is a legal business.. Ok.. its not technically legal because I do not have a license but who cares..

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tj said...

hey, its all going to work out well. do u know in Vietnam (was there in May), if a family has 3 daughters, its like TOTAL good luck. somehow or rather when that happens, the stars are aligned such that things will always go well for the family. superstitions aside, i'm sure God has MASSIVE plans for you in Spore, Pam. Believe it and live it!

My sis will be back next week, over fathers day weekend. i'll make sure u have the chance to catch up with her.