Thursday, May 22, 2008

What happened?

Myanmar is HIT by Cyclone.. the govenrment just accepted help from other countries yesterday after the people suffered for more than few weeks already..

China is hit by the worse earthquake ever and there are so many people still not found after 2 weeks.. even if they survived the earthquake, they might die of thirst of hunger..

People die of hunger in Africa.. but people die of Obesity in America.. isn't it ironic?

Tun Dr Mahathir quits UMNO.. He's so against Pak Lah that he's willing to quit UMNO after so long... Wonder what will happen to our govenrment in the future with so much drama in the parliament and UMNO..
Chelsea lost to Man U for 1 penalty kick.. so unfair.. But football remains football.. Can't change the way they score..
David Cook is crowned the American Idol.. How can? David Archuletta was the better performer during the finale.. everybody agrees.. So what if he only sings ballads? That shows he knows how to choose songs that are most suitable for him.. He's so adorable and sweet.. he deserves to win.. not that Cook is not qualified.. He's quite good too.. but he did not performed up to the expectation on finale and his style is so Chris Daughtry..
p/s: So many movies to watch so little time and money.. who's going for any movies?

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