Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cigarettes should be banned..

I seriously hate smokers!! The smoke they puff out whenever they smoke is seriously annoying and seriously inconsiderate.. No offence to my friends that smoke but U guys know how much I'm against u guys smoking!! I dont understand why all the smokers in the world are so dumb dumb that they fork out money to buy cigarettes and then later in life, they have to fork out more money to cure the deseases they got caused by smoking. Come on la.. we all know smoking is bad for health and it will lead to all sorts of deseases, especially cancer.. Why would you wanna speed up the pain in your life? If you have loads of money and dont mind going through all the therapies and paying super high price for the drugs to control your pain, then good for you darlings.. I'm really happy for you because at least you have a really good confident (which I dont have) that you will be filthy rich in the future..

My grandpa passed away due to smoking-caused cancer where the rest of us see him suffer during the leftover years he has on earth. It was seriously hard for him and for my grandma.. The therapies he has to go through was pure torture and it is nothing in the 'fun' category!!! He can only take liquid food because he will puke out all solid food he takes.. I prayed, I cried whenever I remember my grandpa and as much as I hate to let him go, I'm glad that God took him back and he doesn't need to suffer for long. Thank God he believed in Christ when he got to know he has cancer and was faithfully attending church. That is something that I'm really happy of. I miss my grandpa so much and believe me.. If you guys continue to smoke like chimney, u guys will ended up like my grandpa and you will see your family members blogging about how bad smoking is.. Not only you wil hard your own body, the 2nd hand smoke will also harm the people around you.. God give you a brain, use it and think wit it!!! If you have too much money, give it to me.. I help you to give to charity under your name.. SERIOUSLY!!!

*p/s: Just in case you guys don't know, Hermann's dad passed away yesterday morning and there will be another wake service Tonight (09/04/2008) at his house in Bandar Botanic at 8.30pm.. No, I dont think so his dad passed away due to smoking issues, but he died because of some complicated and very rare desease.. Pls do drop by if u have time k.. your support will mean alot to him..

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