Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chinese New year Count down...

I'm stuck in my office waiting for the clock to strike 1pm so that I can get out of here and go to my grandma's house for a reunion lunch! Thank God that my company gives us all chinese a half day off (technically, its not really half day off..) and most of them have taken thier leaves starting from today. The office is slightly peaceful.. and the malays are joking among each other entertaining everyone, eating complimentary mandarin oranges that our clients gave and I'm so in a good mood knowing that I don't need to work for the next 5 days just lifts up my spirit!! YAHOO!! Though I am a Christian since I was born, I am still a typical Chinese at heart. I do not pray to my 'nenek moyang-s' or the gods of properity but my family and me still practises some of the old traditions..

I always look forward for our annual reunion lunch in my dad's mum's house and the annual reunion dinner with my mum's side's family in any chinese restaurants (coz both my grandpa and ma had passed away few years back.. i miss them dearly..) . Though we are all staying quite close together, but we hardly meet together as all of us are committed in one thing or another. It is just too hard to get a time where everyone will be free and able to have a proper meal together. Family tie is so important that sadly, most of us tend to ignore or forgotten these very modern days. Many think that friends are more important and family is just too boring as they always don't understand how we feel personally. I admit, friends play such important roles in our lives and it is just so hard to move on with life without friends. But family is important too! I know quite a handful of people that rather stay outside most of the time and only go back home when they are tired or when they are just broke. Like what my mum always say to me (back in those days) ... I treat my house like a hotel.. only comes back when i need the bed or food.. other times, bayang pun tak ada.. I used to be so rebelious that I will find any excuses on earth that I can possibly find just to not stay at home.. I used to dislike my family.. I used to be embarrassed about my family.. I even hated my dad and mum before for bringing me into this world..

I know i was wrong.. I realise how foolish i was and thus admitting it now.. I am not shy to tell out the mistakes I did before as I love my family now and that I wanna spend my time with them before things happen and I'll regret. Family will not forsake you even if you have done something wrong that your friends might despise you for it.. Family will stand by your side when you feel that the world has betrayed you.. Family is love, family is care.. Family should be our main priority and motivation in life (other than GOD above of cause..).

Try to make more time to sit down on the same table with your family for a meal.. it will make alot of difference. Of course, CNY reunion is more for the whole big family including all your relatives.. but other than that, you can always have a decent dinner with your immediate family any days in the year.. Spending time with the people that love you is important as they wanna feel loved as well.. We are all imperfect humans with emotions to express.. Treat your family nicely as friends can go and come but family stays with you forever..

Have a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR all my friends.. (oops.. and family.. )
Don't eat too much oranges and fall sick like how I always do every year.. (i just can't get my hands off those juicy tangerines)
Have a blessed (plus prosperous) CNY and may you and your family will have an awesome time!!!
Take care and GOD bless! *hugz*

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