Friday, February 22, 2008

Bang bang..

I bang a car on Tuesday evening when I was reversing my car out from the parking lot.. I thought the Wira has left, thus I shock shock just reverse la.. Mana tau.. one Waja suddenly appears.. When I heard his horn, I heard a Bang too!!! CRAP CRAP CRAP!!! Panic like a crab that is going to be slaughthered to become a 'Kam Hiong' CRAB.. I dont know what to say..sick and was still on medication.. BLUR.. panic.. nothing but 'shit shit shit' in my brain and 'stupid Pamela, why on earth are you so careless!!!'.. but thank god the guy wasn't like those big bullies.. He was pretty polite (maybe because the wife is there as well) and he talked nicely to me.. I'm going to meet him tommorrow to go to a workshop and see how much the damage is going to be at 10am!!! on saturday!! I suppose to be sleeping and dreaming bout my prince charming.. I'm so down right now.. Not knowing how much I have to pay for his car and not forgetting my poor car too.. but thank god my car wasn't that bad.. Hopefully the cost wont be that much.. Anyone wants to donate out of kindness? hahaha..

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