Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Daddy and mummy.. Happy 23rd anniversary...

I do not have much time now.. but just wanna post something to open this new year..or else people will be complaining that I do not update my blog.. haha.. Its already the 2nd of January but I still wanna wish my parents Happy ANNIVERSARY!!!! (i was stuck in Penang with no internet access k) They got married on 1/1/1985 and survived a long 23 years of marriage.. I really salute them!!! They are still so in love with each other and i'm so jealous to see them like that! Do you know that my dad still holds my mum hand whenever we go out? Do you know that they will have date (without 3 of us monkeys of course!) once in a blue moon like going out for a romantic nice dinner then followed by a nice movie? My dad will always bring my mum to new places that he discovered or bring her shopping even though he hates it..My mum will cook my dad's favourite Peanut 'tong sui' just for him even though she was tired after a long days work..I think all these small things are some of the ways to keep the marriage alive! They are always sarcastic to each other (thats where we 3 sisters get our sarcasm from.. blame them.. haha)but you know they just love each other and enjoy teasing with one another..

They of course, like any other married couples have their downfalls throughout the years and it is never easy to raise 3 children, but they hold on to their promises they made to one another 23 years back and build up the family they have today! If they do not have 3 monkeys to raise, i think they should have been billionairs by now.. They sacrificed alot for the family and for each other..It is because of my parents that make me so looking foward for a marriage of my own.. I am so looking foward for starting my own family.. but right now, i do not even have a right candidate.. sad but true.. (anyone interested, pls send your resume plus 3R close up picture to this blog and you will be notify in 14 days should you be selected.)

My parents won't be reading my blog but i just wanna tell the whole world that i love them so much and words just can't describe how much i appreciate them and how much i thank god for putting me under their care! May god bless their marriage and may their love for one another will just grow each passing day! That's my prayer for them everytime I have some 'chit chat' with GOd. They might not be the perfect parents, but i'm not the perfect kid as well.. Daddy, mummy, u both rock my world!!! (i don't think they will like how i put it.. )

Oh.. another thing.. Congratulation to my sis-Amanda for scoring straight As in PMR.. Amanda, i'm so proud of you!!! You did the impossible!! haha.. me and Jessica will definitely not able to score staright As coz we are just.. well.. lets say..we are just very distracted people.. we rather spend time killing people (i'm talking about Counter Strike k.. )haha.. You did a great job and keep up the good work dear!!! May all your dreams and ambitions come true according to God's timing!!! I love you and yes.. i owe you an encouragement gift.. will get something nice for you if I happen to have the mood to go shopping k..

To the rest of you.. HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR~!!! It has been great to know all of you and thank you so much for being there for me all these time.. i will thank all of you one by one in my next post coz now i'm signing out.. bye!!!!!

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