Friday, January 4, 2008


I miss my holidays so much!!!! Although I just started work like 3 days back. So many things happen in such a short a period of time.. I had a fair share of joy, laughter and tears.. But its all worth it.. Everthing we go through in life will mould us for who we are now and I believe, everything happens for a good reason (it better be good man, if not i will be very very very sad).

Just came back from work and i'm feeling really tired.. not weak but just no energy. I have been having sleepless nights (around 1 week now) where I will roll on my bed from left to right then from right to left and then stair at the plain white ceiling in the dark and looking at the clock as it ticks away the time.. (thats why most of you can see me online after 12 midnight nowadays coz i know i just can't sleep!) Yesterday i slept around 3 or 4 something even though I went to bed around 2am.. I guess I'm just too active at night and maybe a little stressed up about everything. My mind is so occupied with so many things and I just don't know why.. I wanna sleep!!!!

Every morning, I will be so reluctant to wake up and I literally have to drag my feet to my office. I'm sure most of you do.. especially those that have been working for xx years.. This morning was just hard because I did alot of soul searching (I have no idea what i did for soul searching also) and had some heart-to-heart chit-chat with God during the time I suppose to have my beauty sleep. The result in the morning= Zombie-look-alike Pamela with a very very moody mood. haha..

I met up with a customer in Puchong area just now.. got lost when I was on my way as I am not familiar with Puchong area but still managed to find the office (guess i'm just born smart.. haha) and had quite a good meeting with her. Thank god! Phew.. After that, as usual I drive back. As i was on my way back, my eyes are just so heavy that I didn't realise that i was closing it for too long to call it blinking. For a moment, I just lost my sense.. scarry.. When i remembered that I was suppose to be driving and open my eyes right away, my car was heading to the border of the road and I am on the right lane!! I managed to swift my car back on track before something bad happens and cold sweat was just coming out from me. Thank god that there weren't any cars on the right lane as I was on NPE highway and you know how fast those F1 drivers wannabes can speed! How can I be so careless.. Quickly, I rub my eyes and gave myself a few light slaps on the chick to just alert myself. For a moment, I thought I was going to die. I'm not being drama but I am driving a kelisa.. Hello.. Its fragile and those pillars of the bridge in between the borders are so huge and strong!!! I can just bang them anytime and go to heaven.. *singing Hallelujah in white dress*

I know.. Its so dangerous not to have enough of sleep..I have learnt my lesson and i will try my very best to sleep early tonight (i said i will TRY ah).. Tomorrow is saturday anyway.. I can sleep as long as i want. Planning to finish my Grey's anatomy DVD with Jessica tonight.. hehe..Dramas make me happy now.. chocolate makes me happy.. Milo Ais kurang manis makes me happy.. and a good big hug of encouragement will make me SUPER HAPPY!!! *sweat*

*I dont understand one thing, highway is suppose to help us to reach the destination faster without having to go through the torture and hassle of being stuck in a jam but they built 2 tolls in one short NPE highway which costs RM1.60 per toll!!! And i have to queue up to pay the tolls (and its quite jam) which is such a waste of time!!! I can't use touch n go because I have to get receipts to claim office ma.. I felt so cheated and i feel that i'm paying more for MR S*** V***'s salary.. Government deduct so many things from our salary and 'asks' us to pay for so many types of tax.. still not enough? Take away the tolls man.. Ban those tolls from operating!!*

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