Wednesday, January 2, 2008

those down down moments..

Have you ever encouter moments where you feel that you have done your best in certain situation but the result is just so discouraging or dissapointing? If you never encounter, pls do tell me what is your recipe of succeeding in everything u did.. I will call you my SIFU.. really.. No JOKE!!! Being the most ordinary gal (or should i call myself lady? no.. it doesn't sound right.. i prefer to be labelled as gal still) any ordinary gal can be.. I always encounter such situations..

Lately, I felt a little discouraged (ok.. not a little.. alot)with things around me.. Well, who doesn't? Job, relationships, random day to day stuff etc.. It seems like things never go according to how i prefer it to be. When things like these happen, we always like to ask 'God, why me?'.. It is just too easy to point the finger to God when things don't go our way.. At least for me.. I do blame God sometimes for putting me through those emotional/ physical torture. Life is never easy especially when you grow up and have more responsibilities. Life is no more about competing who has the nicest Barbie dolls or who's dad is the greatest.. life is more about how to achieve good grades without studying too hard or how to impress your boss with the most little effort..haha

Sometimes we do feel that we do not deserve that kind of treatment that we are getting after all that we have done but the fact is, that is what we are getting! Live with it or try to improve it/ do something with it if you are not happy with the outcome.. Its always harder to live with it coz our 'kiasu' spirit always ask us to fight and get what you deserve. But in the end, we feel even more dissapointed because things turn out to be worse.. Many times I tried to live with it or just forget it because i do not have the energy to persevere anymore but really 'boh kam muan' (don't feel fair in hokkien) man.. I'm doing all the job yet i'm the one suffering.. what good i get? Why should i do it in the first place? Nobody appreciates what.. *angry*

At this point of time, having some good friends or even your siblings or even your parents by your side is really helpful for the scenario. Trust me! I know men (as in the male species) have this ego deep hidden inside them that they won't tell anyone when they are really down but no harm trying right? Anyway, thank god for people that care for you.. These kind of times are the best times to really know who cares for you.. I'm always amazed on how my family and friends can notice my slightest change in my day to day emotions. At the end of the day when you look back, things weren't that bad if you look at the other side and knowing that you are not alone..(at least you know now that PamSoo is always in the same club as you) I always see the cup as half empty but never realise that the cup is half full (u know what i mean?).

It is not wrong to think negatively when obstacles come along the way.. we are humans not God.. but never dedicate yourself into the 'i'm so pityful' world too long until the people around your get so sick with your emos (short for Emotions). I believe we have to set our limits on our emotions as failures/dissapointments/discouragements come and go almost everyday (for me, its like everyday thing!!). They just love to visit us as Devil is never failing to put us down. Do something you like or enjoy when you are down.. get yourself distracted like how i'm doing right now by blogging and crapping all the way.. Talk to your mama/papa/ korkor/jiejie/ frens/pets.. whoever or whatever that makes you happy. If you are rich enough and you just encounter a major failure, go for a short trip.. Beaches are always a great getaway.. for me now, going out with a friend for a drink and have a great laugh is good enough coz the fact is i can't even afford a short trip. Thanks Grace for accompanying me and thanks to Jess and Amy for being good listening ears. Just got back from a good indian food hours ago with Grace and i'm still feeling bloated.. Food makes me happy.. Counter strike makes me happy..Looking at curly hair hot hunks makes me happy.. music makes me happy.. my dog drives me crazy.. haha..

Seriously, i think i'm crapping over here.. but who cares.. its my blog anyway.. haha.. thanks to all of you who were concern about me in msn.. i really appreciate it. I will try not to be emo anymore.. at least for tomorrow.. haha..Time to sign off.. good night earthlings!


Joel G. said...

Just thought of posting something random punya barang before I leave for church.

I just read your blog post, and I've got only this much to say...




celina said...

Just read through your blog. What I can say for this entry is that everything happen for a reason. Sometimes, God do put you through certain difficulty to make you grow and make you more matured but never blame God for your hardship but you should thank him. It is through hardship that we see blessing. Always remember, whatever you do, you are doing it unto God not unto men. Ppl don't appreciate you, its ok because God sees the hand that do the work which pleases him. Don't frown but smile. Be a difference and I believe that you'll be able to impact the life around you. Keep it up sista. Always remember this whenever you feel you can't take it anymore: WWJD.

YOu are not alone, God is always walking with you and I agree that when hardship comes, FAMILY is you pillar of support.COOL??

Cheers :)