Friday, January 18, 2008

This is just so sweet..

My friend forwarded this video to me and it is just lovely. The artist is one creative fella and I just wish i can come out with such artwork spontaneously at such short period of time. For all you art people, this can be a good inspiration! For all you romantic female dreamers, this will make you go 'aaw...' For all you male species out there, learn some tactics man, this is a good way to impress girls.. haha..Hope you enjoy! (This is my shortest post ever!! haha.. my sisters complained that all my posts are too long and they just hate to read it.. WOW.. I DID IT MAN!! A SHORT POST!! HAHAHA..)

While waiting for the video to be uploaded.. I think i should type something to fill in the time.. haha.. American Idol is on it's 7th season right now(Astro's Star world is showing)!! They are currently showing the first stage of the show where all the weird/funny/bad singers of America with outrageous outfits and weird hairdo/makeup will go for auditions at different spots and let Simon Cowell/Randy Jackson critise them (and of course they have the ever-sweet Paula Abdul to calm and hug those crying babies that are badly critised by SIMON). Do not miss the first few episodes as these are the funniest and will make you laugh till you stomach cramps badly. Better than those comedies on tv!!! However, there are of course some really talented chaps and songtress that really make Simon's jaw dropping.. Be sure not to miss it guys.. Its really entertaining (for now..).. Once all of them are sent to Hollywood for REAL auditions, it wont be funny anymore and you will see alot of them breaking down crying due to the hell-like pressure.. After that, you will follow closely a star in the making! Kelly Clarkson is stilll my favourite American Idol.. Coz she's not skinny thin and fatter than me sometimes (her weight is like YOYO..she's similar to Oprah Winfrey wei.. they are fat and before you know it, they can look like a hot diva!they go on really strict diet which I will never be discipline anough to follow) haha..

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