Sunday, January 13, 2008


Lately, I've been busy and occupied with alot of things.. (probably that's my way to forget some of the 'not-so-nice' memories I had last year) Since the 1st day of new year, i've been getting myself injured almost everywhere of my body (being the typical blur-careless Pamela) and have been quite sick as well. But it doesn't stop me from spending some pretty good times with my friends and also my family. Went and meet up with my college mates in TGIF at The Curve last Wednesday for a reunion after we went our seperate ways less than 2 years back after we finished our Diploma in Business back in Help University College. Thanks to Emily who took the initiative to organize this. Although many were not able to make it, the rest of us managed to have a pretty good time. Oh.. not forgetting the sinful-mouth-watering-big-serving food they served there.. can't wait to go there again..

This type of reunion dinners or gatherings are really good especially when you haven't met most of your friends for a pretty long time. It helps you to remember all the things you have gone through before and all the crazy things you did when you were younger. It really lifts your spirit up and reminds you on how much you've got throughout your life. Although college was quite hectic, with all the assignments/exams/crazy lecturers, but i wouldn't have gone through it without them. I'm sure you do feel the same. How many of us can actually live through our school days/college days/ working life without friends by our side? I can't help but to miss my college days after meeting them and felt sad at the same time for no being able to continue my studies up till Degree.. For those that are still persuing in their studies, do not complain.. I know you've been hearing alot of this but how long can you be a student? Once you started working, your priorities in life will shift to a higher level and the pressure you face from everywhere will be much greater than what you faced during your student life. I'm speaking through my own experience.. so i'm not crapping k..

Anyway, i'm suppose to upload the pics for my friends viewing pleasure (and also for them to copy).. Didn't expect myself to talk so much.. haha.. (typical talkative Pamela) IT TOOK ME SO LONG JUST TO UPLOAD THESE PICTURES.. (I SO WANNA COMPLAIN TO THE MANAGEMENT OF BLOGSPOT..)
Testing the camera indoors.. not so pro with the camera.. That is Joel.. forever skinny and funny..
Another test on the flash.. The 'teddy bear' is Wah Jiang and the pretty chick is Emily.. (she's taken.. sorry to dissapoint u guys)
Testing without the flash.. so dark.. oh.. this is Q-hong.. u can hardly see him smile..
the gorgeous babes.. Emily and Su wei.. (she's taken as well.. too bad..)

Bernard (my 'eldest son'), Ashton (i call him Mr bean), Joel and Jiangz..
Yen with Robin (my 'youngest son')..
My 'son' with me.. His smile looks so fake..
Charlie's angelz.. gets the attention whereever they go..

Random shots..

He's so like a teddy bear.. so cute.. haha..

Me with my 'eldest son'..

The sinful dessert.. full with cream and ice-cream at the bottom!!!
It doesn't look like what is shown on the menu though..

We spotted some friend who was dating a hot chick..

Another Sinful Temptation.. look at the chocolate cream man.. love it!!!

They looked so like husband and wife.. Get married!!!

Ashton with Yen.. Don't you think he looks a little bit like Mr Bean?

Family pic take 1.. i look so fat.. so not going to wear the top anymore.. i was lowering myself down abit so that we are able to see those at the back.. what a big sacrifice!!!
Family pic take 2.. i looked even worse.. but i still have to post for the benefit of others.. ish..

I know its abit too many pictures but I'm using Digital camera what.. no harm taking so many pictures.. Its good to look bad at all these pictures when i'm old and think back of all the good times we shared.. Pictures mean a million words.. I do regret for not taking more pictures when i was younger.. i always feel that i looked awful on pics and i still do.. But who cares? The sweet memories will not just fade with these pictures as proofs. Thank you guys for coming!! I really had a great time catching up with you all.. can't wait for our next gathering during the CNY!!! Adios!

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