Thursday, January 24, 2008

Phew.. it was quite a success..

Finally the day I've been waiting for!! The surprise party for Jessica!! It wasn't easy to plan a surprise party since we are living at the same house and it is never easy to keep a secret from your sis who sleeps in the same room as you! But, i'm glad and I thank god that yesterday's party went pretty well and she was shocked instead of surprise.. haha.. Thanks to all my friends and her friends that made all these possible!! Thanks to the YAF people especially Jeffrey who came out to play CS with me and Jess to baby sit her while my family was preparing for the party. Thanks to Jeremy who took her out to get her gift and also to babysit her while Jeff sends some of the guys to my house. Thanks to the MC cum game leader- Nicholas Aaron and his konchos- Kwang Yew and Wei loong for all the quirky games and lame stunts. Without u guys, the party wouldn't be that fun and entertaining! Thanks to Joel who helped me to buy watermelons last minute alongwith Samantha and for coming early. Thanks to Brian Chow who helped me to clean up abit after the whole party. Thanks to everyone who came and stopped by just to make Jessica feel so special.. She really had a great time and obviously touched to see so many of you there! And last but not least, thanks to my parents and Amanda who really went all out just to make this a success. Thanks to Daddy and mummy who's willing to pay for some of the expenses and everything else!!! Thanks to Kenneth and Kristine (our cousins) who came early and helped us to get the food..

The pics and the video will come out soon.. but now this is the summary of the party:

- Dominos Pizza (buy 5 free 5) Rm 150.00
- KFC (2 Barrels) + side dishes Rm 130.00
- Chocolate banana yummy B'day cake Rm 75.00
- Fried Bihun + nuggets + cheese sausage Rm 60.00
- Fruits and drinks and ice Rm 50.00
- Sms and phone calls to pull her friends Rm 50.00 or more
- Miscellaneous Rm 100.00 or more
- The shock look on her face when she opened the door PRICELESS

haha.. Jess, i hope you had a great time and all the best in your new 17th year of life! Sorry that i can't get the Ukelele that u always wanted.. everywhere is out of stock!! So frustrating to go to almost every music shop that i know and being told that they have no stock or they don't even know what on earth is a ukelele.. But i'm almost broke after getting the cakes and stuff.. next year maybe.. depending on how nice you will be to me..

seriously, i will not plan anymore parties after this.. so exhausted after the whole thing man!! But it was all worth it!!

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