Tuesday, January 15, 2008


You have been with me since our first year in college.. You never failed to be there for me when i'm stuck with assignments and work.. You were always there (and still there) with your listening ears whenever I get frustrated with things around me.. You never just leave me out just because we are from different background.. You were my pillar back in college and now, you are a true loyal friend after more than 4 years of knowing each other... (time really flies man) You are sort of (one of) my (many) inspiration when comes to fashion and you never bother about what people say or think about you.. that's something i really admire about you..

Thank you for everything Su Lin!!! Life back in college wouldn't be that nice for me if you weren't there... You are a great friend and may our friendship grows till our very last breath.. haha..

Happy 21st B'day and may all your wishes and dreams come true!!!

I pray that God will be with you and your family all the time and that He will guide you and lead you in your every future undertakings! I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to know you and words can't describe how much i appreciate a friend like you. May you have a wonderful 21st Year of your life (starting from tomorrow) and you will be able to find a 'soul mate'.. *hugz and muakz* haha...

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