Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Where is the love?

Recently, I have just finished watching a Hongkong drama series which the story evolves around a bunch of people who worked in the Airpot (handsome pilots, hot air stewardess, friendly airport crews). It is quite an old drama but I managed to get the DVD set (of course pirated) when I was in Penang during the New year as I was not able to catch it when they were aired in national TV or Astro. Anyway, it was a good drama and I did cry when watching some of the scenes.. (typical emotional crying baby)

There are some things that i learned from the show and it really touched my heart.. let me summarize abit here:

The main actress- Joyce is married to Vincent (pilot) and was happy until she thought she might have contracted Aids after saving an Aids victim from an accident and cut herself. She went and tell Vincent's best friend-Kelvin(also pilot) and just do not want Vincent to worry about her. Kelvin used to date Joyce but it didn't went well due to many misunderstandings and they gone to their seperate ways until Joyce met Vincent and got married. Vincent found out about Joyce's possibility of contracting Aids and was dissapointed that his wife did not tell him first but told Kelvin instead(her ex-lover). Vincent confronted Joyce and told her that he feels that she still loves Kelvin more than him and asked her to choose. Joyce was in shock and did not answer him right away that she loves him..and him only. So, Vincent was more crushed but he left Joyce alone to think while he went working and was the captain for the flight from Hong Kong to Rome.

While at Rome, Vincent realised that he just can't let Joyce go and made a long distance call to Joyce but Joyce was engaged on her cell phone. He called the house and left a very touching message on the answering machine telling her how much he loves her and all the things they have gone through. He was just being stupid for thinking too much and comparing himself with his best friend. After that, he saved a kid from an accident but got himself killed. News went to Hong Kong and Joyce was shocked and sad when she found out. She realised how much she loves Vincent and regreted for not telling him how much he meant to her. After listening to the message left by Vincent moments before he died, Joyce went into depression because she felt guilty and she loves him so much. (for the rest of the story, you just have to catch yourself LA.. )

This story is really an inspiration and I enjoyed the whole drama! The casts are good and the story is well-written. Anyway, we always took the people around us for granted because we always thought that they will be around us no matter what. We are humans and we are imperfect beings. We refused to confess how much they meant to us or how much we love them because of the ego in us and its just too mashi mashi to express. Asians are not good when comes to expressing compared to the Ah mohs but what harm you will get by telling the people you care that you love and care about them?

Have you told your parents how much you love them?
Have you told your siblings how much you care for them?
Have you told your darling/sweetheart/honey how much she/he meant to you?
Have you told your friends how important are they to your life?

I make it a point in my life to tell people that i really appreciate them and how much they meant to me (at least i tried k). Although i might not get the same appreciation in return but at least I know I have brigthen someone's day althought they keep saying 'no la..where got? normal la..nothing la' (u know, typical malaysian). If, (touch wood) I have to leave this world for a better place (HEAVEN!!), i will not leave this world with regrets. The point is.. you dont need to pay in order to tell them that you love them.. You wont get yourself hurt by telling all those things.. In fact, you will touch hearts and the relationship between you and that person will be stronger!!! There's nothing wrong by loving people.. there's nothing wrong by telling your friends that 'I love you guys!!!'.. You wont get yourself into jail for doing that ok..Do you need to wait until something happens to them and leave you with loads of guilt and regrets like what happened to Joyce?

So what are you waiting for? Start spreading the love people!!! PEACE!!!!

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celina said... u :p

Well said Pam.

It's very true that we typical Asians are not good in showing affection. Saying I love you when we want something from you or after the person pass away.

Ya, to leave without regret, start to tell your love ones how much you care for them, how much you love them. If you have unforgiveness, please settle it before it's too late. By then, the person won't be able to hear you anymore.