Friday, January 25, 2008

Can't Sleep..

- This post is caused by the hyper-active bug in me that has been buggin me and causing me to CAN'T SLEEP.. and writing randomly...

- I wanna eat Pasta right now.. I'm hungry at 2.47am.. I'm always hungry anyway..

- Can't wait to go Sungai Wang in few hours time.. I know its labelled as a 'LALA' heaven but its a really good place to grab some really cheap stuff k.. Driving is the fastest and safest way.. but I am so lazy to drive..

- I miss Sau Kin... So many things to tell her.. so little time to meet.. both so busy..

- Life after break up isn't that bad after all.. Thank God for my family and my dear friends that supported me all the way..

- I have a camp to attend in March, 1 young adults retreat to go on May (so called singles camp.. haha), another expected HUGE once-in-4-years camp to come up on August.. And a confirmed Youth camp to serve on December..I need more money!!! Oh.. did I mentioned that I want to go for at least one mission trip this year? Oh.. I just said it.. crap.. more money needed!!!!

- I'm really enjoying serving in church.. Though i have to wake up early on sunday mornings for practises for back-up singing, but its worth it. I'm really feeling the importance of attending cell group too (i wasn't that active last 2 years la..and always skip whenever I can think of excuses..always kena marah from Wuan chin and Grace..).. And the joy of picking up people to go cell with you.. Serving God is not all about doing things on stage.. Thank god that Wei Loong and Brian are attending YAF.. Their presence do spice up the cell abit.. (though our cell is very happening d.. haha.. self-praise) Praying for more to attend cell..

- I wanna play CS!!!! I'm not addicted to it k.. Addiction is defined as something you have to do everyday!! if you don't do it.. you will feel shaky and all head spinning.. I do not have such moments.. Just really enjoy playing it ma.. Its fun to see all the men all serious when comes to killing their own friends in the cyber world..

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