Saturday, January 5, 2008

the benefits of playing games

If you know me or have the heart to talk to me/meet me up lately, you will know that i have a new addiction in my not-so-interesting life.. I'm back to the game scene!!!! No more in Play station 2 because i just lost the interest few months back.. no longer get excited about any new games that were released and don't even bother to play the games that i bought few months back. Those discs have been there collecting dust for a very long time (At least they have each other for company) and i think my sis did play some of it. Anyway.. that's not the point.. Now, i have a new found 'love'.. COUNTER STRIKE!!!! muahaha..

I know i used to always condemn about guys that rather go cyber cafes and pay money to play games before this and I am officially apologizing for making such statement (bunyi macam banyak serious.. ).. haha.. I wasn't given the opportunity to be exposed to the game and never expect it to be so interesting.. I just got to play this game on the 26th of December 2007 and i'm loving it!!!! Thanks to 'Uncle' and Jacky for teaching me all the moves and tactics.. you guys are my 'sifu'!!!

So, in order to pay tribute to all the gamers in the world, especially to those guys that played with me and jess, i decided to list out some benefits of playing games (generally all games la):

1. Games help you to think quick! You will be more alert with your surroundings and you have to constantly think about what to do next!!! Better than watching TV coz you don't do much thinking when you are watching a show or soap operas. Instead, you will be a couch potato!

2. Games connect you with your friends/other players. Even if you are playing play station, there will be multi player games and you will get to know more about your counter part. Whether he/she is a grumpy fella or kiasu fella or just some lousy player who are just not gifter in playing games. Even if you have a slumber party, your friends that are not playing can still watch you play and laugh at how horrible you can drive a car in Need for speed. In counter strike source, you will be more bonded with your fellow mates.. isn't that good?

3. Games help you to release stress!!! Yes!! especially you are playing those shooting games! If you are angry with someone, you can just imagine all the enemies as that person and you will definitely win the game!! It works!!

4. Games make you happy! Nothing beats the joy of winning a game!! The satisfaction and the glory just make you feel like you are king of the world when you defeated the opponent. Even if you are playing RPG, the satisfaction of going through all the stages and rounds are priceless!!

5. Games teach you alot of stuff!! There are so many things i learnt by playing games. For example, CS teaches me self defence.. haha.. i get to know weapon names and know how it feels to be terrorist!

I'm just being so lame here but playing game is not that bad if you have self control. Though i'm sort of addicted to CS but i do not spend more than 15 hours a week on it. For those gamers out there.. its not wrong to play games when you are stressed and down, but just don't be so engrossed in it until your mum has to actually lock your playstation/gameboy/xbox/computer/whatever in her room. As long you know how to set your priorities right, no harm what.. and all the gamers who agree knod your head and wave your hands in the air.. *pamela knoding 10 times and waving with 2 hands proud*

*Those people that have been playing CS with me, I really had a great time playing with you all (although i am constantly the target of the opposite party) and i will train hard in order to beat you guys man!!! watch out for more actions from me and jess!!!! Can't wait for another shoot shoot session!!!!!

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