Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tagged again..

Despite so many attempts of 'warning' my fellow friends not to tag me, I still got the 'you've been tag' message in my message box every once in awhile.. (thank god it cut down lately) Due to brain dead at this early wee hours in the morning and abit sick of Sex and the city season 2, I decided to do this tag because it was asked by a very sweet friend of mine... (i hope he's still sweet..Haven't seen him like ages..)Seriously, I hope I get this tag right..

List 10 Things About Yourself Tag.

1. I never leave home without: A big handbag to put my MP3 player, water bottle, my long old brown wallet, handphone, camera, a shawl, lipbalm, small mirror, hand lotion and a novel.. I know its alot to carry but its just too important.. and i'm really trying to cut down the weight I have to carry.. Mummy very worried.. She says so much weight on the shoulder will bring no good for me in the future..

2. I really hate waiting for people who are late for more than 10 mins and dont bother to call..

3. I love to go for retail-therapy every once in a while and hates to buy things with the labels on it.. like 'MNG basic', 'LV' all over the bag or a big nike logo on the t-shirt..

4. I collect stickers and they are all in my malaysia home..

5. I am so in love with grapes (yes those biji biji fruit you see in the supermarket).. the black ones.. I can finish more than 500g of grapes in less than 1 episode of Gossip girls..

6. I miss those days where I played counter strike with my friends.. and not forgetting my sisters..

7. I need a bigger room coz my things are over-flowing.. die die die..

8. I miss mamak food.. the 'mamak' food here is horrible..they dont even know what is Roti Pisang or Roti Banjir or even a simple Maggi mee goreng.. I'm so dissapointed.. Somehow their Milo Ais is not that 'Kao' also..

9. I wish I'm not alone sometimes...

10. I'm going to watch Sex and the city season 2 again after this tag..

Here you go Victor.. Hope to see you soon..

p/s: My family is here and I'm so happy but too bad I got to go back training centre and not able to spend time with them.. Sometimes I wonder whether all these are worth it after all? Who can predict the future? Who can tell whether I will change when I really start flying? Who can know that all these sacrifices will bring my family closer after all?

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