Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The land of super duper richness n gold..

Dubai Dubai.. The land of so many dreams and hopefuls.. Tonnes of humans are waiting for the chance to go there to work and dig the money of the rich there... Seriously.. the middle east countries are so blessed with the gift of nature that they have abundance of oil to take and sell.. How fortunate.. Anyway, I just came back from Dubai and its not as pleasent as what I thought. It was just a 1 night stay (time constrain and wasn't able to visit places) and I was cheated in broad day light.. (read further and you will know) Anyway, the moment I came out from the well-airconditioned airport, I can feel the heat as though I'm in an open air sauna. It is super duper HOT and very very pack!!! Packed with humans and cars...

To cut the long story short.. I stayed in Traders Hotel situated along a busy road and its facing a cross junction.. the exterior architecture of the building is well.. not really eye-catching and at first I thought it was a government building..
But the interior design is pretty nice and warm feeling.. I especially love the room with all the brown colour family all mix together creating a harmonious peaceful aura..
Just the bed itself makes me wanna jump to it and just sleep without showering and removing makeup..
The room is decently sized and I have all the bed by myself.. Very very shock!!!
I always like to check out what the hotels provide in their so called mini bar which is always and forever over-priced and this is what I found in the mini fridge underneath the TV..
There are the normal soft drinks and all but I found few very interesting items.. Starting from left are 2 fruit juices in a very voluptuos-shaped bottle, then 4 super tiny bottles of HARD liquor and creamer for coffee or tea.. I really like the size of those hard liquor bottles which is so cute and tiny.. Here is the comparison of the bottles with a normal coca-cola can..
Its so cute that I'm so tempted to buy them but I dont drink and unfortunately its quite expensive to just buy it for collection.. No point.. so I just put it back into the fridge after cam-whoring them.. ADIOS bottles..

After a good night sleep.. Me and one of my colleague decided to check out their shopping mall in town the next day and its called 'CITY CENTRE'.. I just feel that they should spend more time on coming out with a better name for the mall instead of just naming it CITY CENTRE.. very boring..

The mall looks like Mid Valley in KL and we felt quite at home when we step in.. (My colleague is also from malaysia) Its is pretty spacious and clean and not much crowd because it was a weekday. They basically have almost every shops you can find in Singapore and Malaysia like ZARA, Topshop, Debenhams and etc.. It didn't really attract us because we feel that the things sold there are more expensive compared to those in Malaysia.

We went and check out CAREFOUR instead.. I know its pretty sad but we just wanna find some unusual food that we can bring back home.. Its always very interesting to check out the local supermarkets whenever you are in oversea.. You will never know what you can find..
Alot of arabic writings which is very new to me.. You have to read from right to left (if you know how to read them), unlike english and mandarin and most languages in the world.. Like the man in the centre of the pictures, you can see alot of men dress up in white gowns everywhere you go around Dubai..
We noticed there are loads of sweet dessets sold in the supermarket. Like the picture above, they have loads of cakes and tarts all packed in boxes ready to be bought by you.. Most of them looked pretty nice and appetising unlike those that are displayed in supermarkets in our country..
This is strawberry chocolate cake that looked really nice in real life.. Pardon me for my bad photgraphy but it looked really good.. I wanted to buy but its perishable and afraid that it will rot even before I reach Singapore..

We walk we walk and we walk and found the instant noodles section where I bought 1 pack of cheese flavour and 1 pack of spicy tomato.. Its very very unusual to find a cheese flavour instant noodle.. You've heard of cheese back rice and cheese cake but what about cheese instant noodle? Sound interesting? I will let you all know whether it taste good or not.. Somehow deep in my heart, I feel that cheese dont go well in soup and instant noodles..

We found this counter selling peanut sweets and tibits freshly baked everyday.. Its so tempting and mouth watering we each bought a box of assorted tibits..
Look at the mountain high of peanut HAKLAWA KATHA.. Just for your info, their currency is almost like RM but theirs is slightly stronger compared to RM.. Dhs 44.95 might be in the range of RM 48-RM50.. The things here are not very cheap and the living standard is quite high..

Stomach growling, we decided to check out the food court in the mall.. Its brightly lighted and very very spacious.. I love the atmosphere and most importantly, its very clean..

They even have KFC and McDonald stalls in the foodcourt.. wanna learn how to write KFC in ARABIC? You can learn now.. Its very long..

This is lebanese food stall which the pictures of the food does not really appeal me..

This is taken from a stall selling briyani rice and their curry look really dilicious.. even the briyani rice smells really good..
Each of the curry and dishes are properly named and we just can't wait to try out their food.. I ordered a Vegetable briyani rice with Mutton Curry and Veg Jalfrezi.. The waiter suggested to put my curry and Veg Jalfrezi seperately with my rice and put them in 2 different bowls so that I can have more and can share with my friend.. Looking at how friendly and good service the waiter is, I said ok and ordered a glass of Mountai Dew to quench my thirst and in case the curry is too hot for me to handle..

To my horror, when I wanted to pay for my brunch.. the nice and friendly waiter told me that I have to pay DHS 53.50.. that is equilvalent to almost RM60 or $25++.. I was shocked and stunned and speechless.. What the heck.. Nasi Briyani with mutton curry and vegetable cost less than RM10 in malaysia and now I have to pay like more than 5 times of it in a Dubai foodcourt.. Its not even a buffet or high class restaurant.. its just a foodcourt!!! IT IS SUPER DUPER EXPENSIVE LO!!! But I have no choice.. I have ordered and they have served.. I got to pay.. I swallowed my saliva hard and painfully bring out my money to pay him.. DARN... My friend wanted to laugh but managed to control his laughter..

This is the culprit of my throat-chocking brunch.. Shamiana.. Dont ever eat their food when you are in Dubai's CITY CENTRE mall!!!! Unless u dont mind paying so much for some Briyani... You tell me la.. am I cheated? I really feel like cursing man!!!!

P/s: Being a cabin crew is not easy... really.. But I think I'm beginning to like this job sincerely.. Although sometimes I really feel like quitting even during my training days.. But I thank God that I can even have a job now because the economy is so bad right now.. Being blessed with opportunities to travel around really broaden my horizon and I'm glad that I'm at this stage.. But I still miss malaysia and the cheap mamak food..

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Canna said...

AHAHAHAHAHHA!! so cute la u..
Glad to hear that ur enjoying ur job as cabin crew.
Anyways..didn't u get their 'Turkish Delight'??? It is really nice.. I used to get my sis to buy them for me whenever she flies there those days. :)