Friday, October 17, 2008

Pam's 1st attempt..

What do u do when u feel bored and you are just sick of the 'tah bau' food from the only hawker centre near your house?

You take a bus to the nearest supermarket, you buy stuff, you come back, you ting ting ting tong tong tong in the kitchen and wuo la...

Before 'they' go into the 'sauna'...
Up close n personal...
After their 'sauna' session..
Now i'm hungry..
My 1st attempt on cooking in Singapore!!! I'm so proud of myself.. I categorize myself as someone who loves to cook but too lazy to move and after staying in Singapore for almost 4 months.. I cooked!!! Yeepee.. My Pizza Toast.. hahaha.. My housemate- Alex (Fyi, he's an uncle with a wife in Philipine who treats me like his daughter.. We both rent a room each from an auntie whom I call Auntie Dorris but Auntie Dorris stays in Malacca and comes back to Singapore for holiday once a blue moon) said its quite good even though i just simply cook for fun.. No kidding k.. Pam cooks!!! I'm so proud of myself..
Now I have carrots, onions, garlic, cheese, ham, bread, green pepper, tomato.. And i'm so lazy to cook again and all of them are perishable items... die... and I wont be at home for few days after sunday..
P/s: Cheese dont go well with instant noodle.. I woke up in the middle of the night 2 nights ago and cook the packet of cheese flavour instant noodle I bought from Dubai. It smelled like rotten cheese and I only ate like half of it and threw the rest of it away.. can't stand the horrible 'cheese' smell... and then I went back to sleep.. not satisfied and was still hungry..

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