Sunday, October 5, 2008


I hardly blog about a movie I like as I dont even bother to advertise for them for free and knowing that they will not pay me for doing so.. But this movie just takes my breath away.. Not in a romantic way.. But the way they did it.. the whole package.. Its very light very joyful and very lively.

Meryl Streep really bring the roll to life as the mother of a daughter who is getting married at the age of 20.. Just in case you dont know who she is, she acted as the devil in Devil wears Prada. She's so different in Mamamia that I had a hard time thinking its actually acted by the same person. I really like her personally and thinks she's really a good actress. Despite being not so young at age, she can really dance and sing and really make me move while watching the show (illegally at home..sorry la.. no money d.. can't afford to watch in Singapore cinema).. Not forgetting, she can actually sing quite well..

The movie revolves around songs from ABBA which is really familiar to me.. I can sing along with most songs as my dad is a big fan of ABBA.. Though they sing and dance, they made it very natural and it doesn't seem unreal like most Bollywood movies where people just suddenly appear out of nowhere and started dancing with the stars.. Most of the backup dancers and singers are the folks living in the small little town and I tell you.. Greece is so beautiful..

I know I suck in movie critic but this is the best I can do.. go to the cinema to watch if u can and have a good laugh watching former James Bond singing love songs to Meryl Streep.. Its a child-friendly show too.. Bring your siblings along!!! Try not to watch online for free like me la.. after all a good show must be supported!! If not, they wont come out with musicals anymore.. I have my reasons for not going Cinema to watch.. 1. NO money 2. NO company..


P/s: Wats the big fuss about Jonah's Brothers ah? OK.. no doubt they are quite cute but I seriously can't stand their songs.. Despite so many attempts of listening to their songs and trying my best to like them.. I still can't.. Sorry Jessica, I just dont understand why u like them so much.. but the curly hair brother quite cute la.. hahaha..

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