Sunday, October 26, 2008

Glory glory Manchester...

I stayed in Manchester for 2 nights after a 13 hours work in the sky last week and frankly, I kindda like the town of Manchester.. Its pretty peaceful and chill and full of pretty people!!!! Seriously, most of them are quite good looking (no matter male or female) and they dress up pretty well. I was really impressed and had a great time scanning the people in the street. Anyway here are some photos and brief story of my 2 nights tour in the city of Man U...

My colleagues and I were placed in this self-proclaimed 5 star hotel at the heart of Manchester. Its quite strategic in terms of their location as it is accessible to loads of shopping places and 'makan' area. The weather is so cold that the moment we step out from the bus that pick us up from the airport, all of us immediately run into the hotel. After handed our room keys and saying 'Have a good rest' to everyone, with a tired feet and brain, I drag my HUGE cargo bag and cabin bag into my room at 3rd floor.. The moment I step into the room, I brought out my camera and started scanning the room and taking pictures..

There's a tiny living hall in my room which is pretty rare to get in most hotels.. especially for rooms at 10th floor and below.. coz normally these are standard rooms and usually very small and cramp..
There are 2 queen size beds for me!!! I HAD A HARD TIME choosing which to sleep on.. hahaha..
In the end I choose this 1.. I know i'm lame..
The toilet is pretty simple though.. compared to the ones I had in Shanghai and Dubai..

Oh, the hotel and address and contact number is stated in the cup! Dam cute.. So, in case U scared that U will get lost in Manchester, U can bring along this cup and just show to the taxi driver when you wanna go back to the
The tiny little 'cafe' they provided.. The cookie which is wrap in the black packet (at the left bottom corner) is just WOW!!! Its called banana and butter scotch... I can't find it in the supermarkets nearby and I forgot to check with the receptionist.. stupid me!

THis is what they called a Trouser Press which I really have no idea how to operate it.. The instructions are displayed on the board but it is very blur..
Before you fall in love with this hotel and decided to come to Manchester with your honey, check out the price here first.. My room is considered the cheapest here and it cost a saliva-chocking blood-cloging 185 Pounds!!!! I was shocked and stunned.. Its not cheap to have holiday in Europe man..

After a power nap, me and one of my colleagues decided to hit the street..

This is their Taxi!! SO CUTE!!! I love them.. so classic and vintage.. I wonder how much it cost to ride on them.. I'm sure its not cheap!
The buildings are quite vintage too.. I really like the architecture of this building.. It just look majestic..
The pic speaks on its own..
Mark and spencer BUILDING!! I've never seen such a huge M&S before.. The ones in Malaysia and singapore are just small and sad...

Random pic of the street.. Really old school and I really like it..
I feel that I look dam old here.. probably is the jacket that makes me look old.. and mind u.. the jacket is dam expensive.. Cost me a whoping Sin$130!!!! I will never forget this.. It was Autumn and the wind is really cold there.. It can literally bite you whenever it blows.. My hands were almost frozen..

This is Esther.. my company and partner in checking out the guys there.. hahaha..

Hungry, we went into an italian restaurant because it has the most reasonable price main courses after we checked out more than 5 restaurants in the street.. I forgot what is the name of the restaurant but all I know is their service sucks!!! I'm not sure its because Esther and I are asians or they are just pure not good in service generally..

The candle and the holder which is on all the tables in the restaurant.. I feel they should get some nicer candle holders from IKEA..
The atmosphere in the restaurant is pretty nice and warm.. We kindda like it but we still hate the service..
Starter 1 which I ordered that comes with the set lunch..
Garlic bread which the not so friendly waitress recommended.. Its quite yummy..

Starter 2 which Esther ordered for her set lunch.. Basically is Cheese baked Spinach.. I love this..

We had salmon spaghetti for main course and the salmon is raw.. I like to eat raw salmon alot whenever I enter a Japanese restaurant but Raw SALMON + italian SPAGHETTI is just weird.. Italians, pls cook your salmon!! Thank you...

I met up with my cousin brother-Caleb who happens to be there to further his studies in the evening.. We hardly meet back in Malaysia because I was in selangor and he was in Penang.. We weren't really close but I'm really glad that we met up.. We had a long chat in my room and I allowed him to sleep on the other unoccupied bed.. It feels good to have someone you know with you when you are at overseas..
This is Caleb checking out the bible that was placed in my room by THE GIDEONS...

Caleb brought me to a chinese restaurant at for dinner because most of the other restaurants are either closed or too expensive for us to even drink their water..
Accordinf to Caleb, this is the best Chinese Restaurant in Manchester city and normally you will have to Q up for a very long time during peak hours.. Thank god we went before the crowd comes in..
This is the cantonese fried rice we ordered which tasted above my expectation.. The dim sum here also can fight with those served in Asia.. THe prawns they use are very very fresh! They only have ASIANs working in the restaurant and I really feel at home when I was in there.. No weird strange looks from the ang mohs and no bad service.. hahaha.. I was quite pleased with Caleb's recommendation and the bill came out to be less than 20 pounds which is hard to find in other restaurants and considered cheap to dine out in ENGLAND..
The next day, 4 of my other colleagues and I had breakfast in a cafe which is just a 10 mins walking distant from our hotel..

The ang mohs drink beer early in the morning and it was a weekday.. All no need to work 1.. very chill...
We cam-whored while waiting for our breakfast.. Pamela, Claire and Shil-lyn

Shil-lyn, Lynn and Jason..
Look the the wide variety of sauces they have!!! Its free and up to us to take how many we want.. They even have 3 choices of Jams!!! I took back few packets of Ketchup and Jam because it comes in handy and its free wat.. BTW.. you will not be able to find Chili Sauce in the restaurants in Manchester.. So, bring your own bottle of Maggi Chili Sauce if you wanna go there..
My tea with a small cute jar of full cream milk on top..

My English Breakfast with toast.. Always have a full breakfast before you start your day with shopping.. hahaha.. it cost less than 4.5 pounds all together.. quite a good deal already..

Jason with his 'vegetarian english breakfast'.. Look at how black is the vegetarian hotdog.. hahaha..
I was trying to act poised before I feast on my breakfast..

Then we went shopping and sight seeing around the hotel area..

The sky is always gloomy looking there and it always look like its gonna rain anytime..

Manchester United was suppose to have a match against Celtic that evening and we happen to pass by bars at the street full of Celtic fans singing marrily even before the match starts! They were drinking and almost feel like a celebration and condeming Man U fans.. It was fun to watch them and they were really hyper..

Stupid sign board blocked the fans.. Most of them were in Green and white stripe long sleeved jersey.. sad to say.. their celebration was a waste because Celtic lost that day.. it was a 2-0... Caleb was so happy...

I really adore the buildings here.. so cute and classic.. No wonder English pound is so strong.. they save alot of money because they dont paint their walls... it was a joke.. laugh la!

Lastly, I would like to close this entry with the EYE of Manchester.. It seems that everywhere also got this ferries wheel.. And its so much more expensive to ride there..
Overall, it was a pleasent trip which nearly burnt a holl in my already-thin pocket.. Although I like Manchester but I feel that there's no where like home.. I still prefer Malaysia and Singapore's weather although i enjoyed layering my clothes.. If I get to go there again in the future, I would love to attend a football match just to have a feel of the adrenalin rush alongwith the hardcore fans of football whenever a team scored a goal.. I do not have any fav team but definitely against MAN U.. hahaha..
P/s: GOING to AUCKLAND soon.. I'm so broke.. due to all the currency changing.. but now is the best time to go New Zealand and Australia.. their currency really dropped..

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Canna said...

Wow Pam!!!
Looking good over there. You will soon dress up prettier and prettier liao *wink wink*..

Enjoy urself everywhere while working ya. It is fun.. I shud have try joining SIA wen i was younger. lol ;)

Hugzzz from Malaysia! LOL