Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mini Mc D anyone?

A fact for u to know: Singaporeans do not call McDonald- Mc D like how we malaysians called.. They are really clueless when I say: 'Hey, lets go Mc D!', you will noticed a few blank face with loads of question marks popping out from their mind.

Anyway, that's not the main thing I wanna talk about.. My landlord asked me whether I want anything from Mc D after a simple home-cooked dinner as she's calling for delivery for his young son and I requested Oreo Mc Flurry as my dessert. The service here is quite efficient and they delivered our order in a very short time. When we were unpacking our orders from the paper bags, I can't find my Mc Flurry and after much treasure hunting, I finally found my Mc Flurry which is mini in size compared to the ones I had in Malaysia..

The cup...
You can see how cute and small the cup is right beside my faithful 700ml Love & peace bottle.. (pls pardon me for the messiness of my dressing table cum computer table cum writting table)
P/s: Tony Fernandes has set up his own blog as well!!! Looks like the older generation is following the trend of us younger ones.. lol.. 1st we have Dato Mahathir and now we have Tony Fernandes (he even has 'haha' in his entry).. I wonder when our beloved Pak Lah will come out with his own blog.. I have linked his blog to mine as the side bar column under inspirations.. His is more business-ish and less crap.. its quite a good read.. He's 1 wise man.. I hope he doesn't write the wrong things and ended up caught by ISA..

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