Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not looking forward..

I'm going to work on a flight to Manchester in few hours time.. I'm looking forward for the job but not really looking forward to stay there for 2 nights.. y? Because I just used almost s$300 to change for 115 pounds!! Why Pound has to be so big and strong all the time? How to survive 2 nights without going shopping in Manchester? And how to survive shopping when you only have 115 embarrasing Pounds in your pocket? I think i only can buy yogurt and eat in the hotel.. or order McD.. wait.. Mac Donalds.. Must speak proper english.. or perhaps I can find Tesco and buy English Bread with English Tea.. Why Pound has to be so strong? Argh.....

P/s: I'm going back to Klang after my manchester flight!! yeepee!!! Will be taking bus from Singapore on Thursday (23.10.08) evening and will reach klang at midnight.. Will be there till Sunday morning.. Pls meet me ya!!! Can't wait to see all of you..

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