Tuesday, September 30, 2008


What makes u frustrated and angry?

U go into TOPSHOP.. u saw them selling lycra plain t-shirts in various colours and its 2 for $39.. U pick it up, u think its nice and pretty reasonable, u choose a black n a blue one and u pay...

Then u step into SAMUEL & KEVIN, u saw them selling the almost-same-like-TOPSHOP lycra t-shirts and its 2 for $16 only.. U frustrated and angry or not?

In order to make myself not so frustrated and angry, I pick a white and red one and pay.. And now, i'm comforted.. and promise to myself that I will not buy any plain t-shirts or singlets in TOPSHOP anymore!!!!

So now I have a black, white, blue and red plain t-shirts.. Hooray to queen Pamela..

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