Sunday, September 28, 2008

Drama mama..

Ever since I have adjusted my single life according to the tempo of Singaporeans, I realised I'm happier and less worried about the fact that I'm lonely here.. My everyday calls back to my Malaysia home is like my daily supplement of homely happiness and other than that, my life right now is filled with dramas dramas and more dramas.

Thanks to one of my batchmates that introduce some websites from China which offers free dramas from all around the world for anyone to view by just one click, I'm officially a drama addict now. Its so easy and fast and the most important, FREE!!! I can watch any dramas according to my time and I do not need to sit in front of the TV at a certain time and day just to catch a less than an hour drama and wait for another week for another episode. Its so frustrating most of the times when those brilliant directors will end the episode when the truth is almost out and you will be like 'Man, why they must always keep us hanging like that'.. I hate it when the power is in the hands of those directors. But now, with such good connection in Singapore, I enjoy the luxury of watching xx numbers of episodes I want at any convenient time I have, and now, the power is in my hands. Muahaha...

Like it or not, dramas can be stupid and lame but just admit it, dramas do potray lives of humans that we imagine ourselves to be but do not dare to show it in the reality. Too deep? Well, dramas are creation of humans with a very high imagination and has the power to 'make' it alive and entertain the rest of the human race who happens to have high imagination as well. Personally, I feel that dramas from the States are more entertaining and I am least likely to click on the fast forward key whenever I'm watching them. I'm not stereotyping but I find taiwan and Korean dramas pretty draggy and stupid. Most of the times, you will find me fast-forwarding the drama just to finish it ASAP and get the rough idea of the whole drama just to be able to talk to my Korean-dramaholic friends..(ask my dear sisters if you dont belive..I can finish a 30 episodes Korean drama is just half a day) Dont get me wrong, I love asians, I love chinese and I love Hong Kong TVB dramas but other than that, dramas produced in Taiwan and Koreans are very predictable. I say its draggy because they will just occupy few episodes just for the actor to confess to the actress. I say its draggy because they will just cry and cry and cry for any reasons under the sun. I say its stupid because the actress are always dumb dumb and the actors are always the heroes coming to the rescue. I say its predictable because the Korean dramas always have 2 males and 2 females fighting for one another and Taiwan dramas will always have 2 guys fighting over a girl or vice versa.

Now, I've finished watching Gossip Girl Season 1 and its so entertaining to see the lives of those high end rich kids living in New York. The extent they will go just to step on each others' tails and the drama they created just because of one wrong step. It can be quite a disturbing drama where certain scenes are not really suitable for teenagers in a traditional thinking ASIA but I really like the drama.. Darn.. I feel like a blonde bimbo now.. But the most important thing I realised in this drama is that, MONEY can buy you friends but not loyalty, MONEY can buy you house but not home, MONEY can buy you clothes but not comfort and MONEY can buy you girlfriends/boyfriends but not LOVE.. Seriously, some of you might think that the rich and famous are happy and you just hope you have their bank accounts, but think again after you watch this drama. Everything is just for show and deep down inside, they are as lost as little Bambi in the forest. I'm signing off now to continue watching my SEX AND THE CITY.. Season 1.. I know I'm outdated la.. but who cares?

P/s: I'm stuck here in Singapore where I'm supposed to be in Taiwan shopping!!! Y i'm stucked? Because of the big typhoon in Taiwan now that resulted the Airport to close.. y?y?y?y? Think of the bright side, at least I can watch SATC in my singapore room, how optimistim me.. Since when i'm so optimistic? I can't believe it..

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bernard said...

hey pam, so where is the link? i keep reading reading to find the link..haha..but to no avail...
i also wanna watch some dramas