Saturday, August 28, 2010

My last saturday in singapore...

It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning in Singapore and as usual.. I was lazy and couldn't bother to get my ass out of the house. Then only I realise that today is going to be the last saturday I have in Singapore before I pack everything and go back HOME for good! I know I'm gonna miss Singapore.. the cleanliness, the safety, the convenience of public transport... Therefore, I decided to head out to Vivo City, the so called biggest shopping mall in this small little island.

I used to love coming down to this shopping mall because they have most of the major brands that I fancy. But as time pass, the crowd just getting bigger and bigger, especially weekends like today. It was insane! The moment I come out from the MRT (the train system), I dare not stop and stare, or else I will be one of the stampede victims.

There were so much frustrations I encoutered today:
1. Every shop is filled with people.. You wanna try something, you got to Q up for the changing rooms.. You wanna pay for something, you got to Q up for the cashier as well! You wanna go wee wee, you got to Q up for the restrooms as well!
2. Just getting a place in Starbucks/Gloria Jeans/Ben & Jerrys or any cafes is impossible too. Place is filled with family or couples.. I was abit self concious to go in alone and just sit there and relax.. I would do that if it was a weekday...or i'm not alone..
3. The things that caught my attention were mostly MADE IN CHINA! So, no point for me to buy coz I will be living in China soon enough.. why pay more right? (control control.. self control is important.. save for the wedding!!!)

But I encountered this new shop that wasn't there the last time I went to Vivo. It's very interesting and attracted many customers.

the FRUIT PARADISE CAFE.. originated from Tokyo..
One thing i noticed, Singaporeans love anything from Japan.. ANYTHING!
The shop basically sells fresh fruit tarts like the picture above.. It looks so yummy but the price is not that yummy to the pocket though..

It was havoc in the cafe but I managed to take away 3 different slices of their tarts for myself and my housemates. It was really good but abit too pricey for my liking.
Anyway, its just a once in a while thing.. So it was ok.. hopefully I can find this in Malaysia or Shanghai to satisfy my sweet tooth once in a blue moon..

Overall, my last saturday in Singapore was quite a pleasant one. Managed to get some nice necklace for myself and my sisters and some affordable tops. If given the choice, I wouldn't wanna go out on weekends in Singapore ever again.. Its just too scarry!

Side track: Pepsi has this huge campaign/advertisement at the MRT station and I think its really interesting...

p/s: So far, I have a big box of magazines, 1 box of my new unused facial and body products, 2 big boxes of winter clothes and dresses/skirts.. And i still got ALOT that I havent touch yet.. How on earth am i going to bring back EVERYTHING back to MALAYSIA la???????????????

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