Friday, August 27, 2010

My last 2nd flight- Sin to Shanghai!

Dear Diary,

After more than 1 week of haunting the office, they finally activated me for a shanghai flight! I was so happy and i was known as the Shanghai husband stewardess coz I call them almost every day to ask for a Shanghai flight... hahahaha... Talking about things u can do for love...

From Sin- Shanghai was a really smooth flight and the crew were great! Best part was, after a long and tiring flight, hubby was waiting for me at the hotel lobby when I reach there... It feels so good to have someone waiting for u after flights.. it really does boost up your motivation and everything..

Will talk more about shanghai on my next post as I would love to put on some pictures to COLOUR-fied my dull black blog... XP

The main point is, my luck couldn't get any worse yesterday night and this morning.. Everything went so well when I was with hubby till after dinner part.. Both of us were having a discussion till we sort of lost track of time and went down to the street to get a taxi for me later than what we have planned.. It was a peak hour and it was so darn hard to get a taxi... After few minutes of waiting beside the street, it started to rain!! Really heavilly!! Not just cats and dogs, i think its more like cows and bulls! It was so heavy that we have to run to the bus stand opposite the road for shelter. Hubby stood beside the street for so long just to get a taxi for me. Some empty taxis just went by, ignoring desperate people like us waving our hands like crazy! This will not happen in Singapore.... Sienz!

After what it seems like years, hubby finally got a taxi for me to go back to hotel to prepare for my flight back to singapore.. phew.. i was 15 minutes late than what I have planned.. I told the taxi uncle that I need to get back to the hotel that I was staying in chinese, and uncle told me he doesn't know where the hotel is!!! Its a 5 star hotel!!! How can u not know????? Panic and freezing, i search my bag for the hotel card and I couldn't find it! I'm not exactly great in handling stressful situation..Then when i finally found it, uncle said he doesn't understand english.. ARGH!!! Then I managed to point to him the address which was written in chinese, then uncle only 'oh.. ok ok..', I told uncle, pls get me there FAST!

Load of traffic lights, loads of cars! And of all time, we were stuck behind a van in the middle of the road which can't move when the light turns green! With so many cars at the left right behind, uncle had a hard time moving to the other lane.. the time ticks away...

After more than 20 minutes.. i finally reach the hotel.. I ran to the lift and slot in my hotel key and pressed '4', but it doesn't light up! shit.. the key doesn't work at this time!!!!! The lift moved to 3rd floor and I saw a man in the hotel uniform, I asked him to help me but he doesn't even know we have to slot in our key to get to the floor we stay!! ARGH!!! I went back to the lift, wanting to go down to the lobby to get a new key, but the lift moved to 4th floor where some china men were waiting.. I ran to my room, tried to open the door with the key, but it doesn't work! I found a man with the hotel's engineering uniform and asked him for help... He doesn't gave much help either. In the end, i ran down to the lobby to get a new one.. I was 45 minutes late than what I have planned...

But, I managed to shower, wash hair, make up and get ready in 45 minutes! I managed to go down early to check out from the hotel to work back to singapore! It was really a crazy night for me! At that time, it was still raining and there were thunders and lightnings.. I was wishing and hoping silently that weather is so bad that we might not be able to take off and i can stay in shanghai for another night.. hahahaahahah

My wish did came true, but not the whole thing.. seems like my wish n hope wasn't powerful enough (darn it!).. Due to the bad weather, all the aircrafts weren't able to take off and our flight was delayed for 3 hours!!! We have to board the not-so-happy passenger because, if not, we will not be in the Q to take off.. Most of the passengers were tired and cranky because it was a midnight flight and we crew were tired as well.. It was suppose to be a 4 hour and 40 minutes flight, turn out to be almost 8 hours! It was insane!

But, i'm glad its over! And i'm back in Singapore safe and sound.. I'm happy that i finally can have a sneak preview of my hubby's life in Shanghai too.. The best comfort was to see him in good health and doing fine there.. I reach back my room in Singapore at 9 this morning.. I slept the whole morning and afternoon away and I'm going to have another sleepless night again! God, pls help me!

p/s: Shanghai shanghai.. I can't believe i'm going to move to shanghai next year! I never imagine myself moving out of malaysia when i was young... let alone, singapore and soon, shanghai.. its insane... pressure pressure....

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