Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I wanna keep this blog alive!!

Ok, so here's the thing..

I intend to keep this blog alive, I dont intend to delete it!
My life REaLLy has been like a roller coaster since my last update!
And I think my life is getting more interesting that I just got to write it down and laugh reading it when I'm old and ugly... (wait, i can still be old but awesome!)

So, today is wednesday.. I submitted my resignation letter on monday.. my last day as a cabin crew would be on 31st of august which is a tuesday.. oh, it is also gonna be Malaysia's independence day! Merdeka to my homeland and myself!
I got engaged to the love of my life on July 24th after he proposed on June 26th in his house after nasi lemak breakfast when we were watching ANACONDA.. yes.. the movie ANACONDA starring Jennifer Lopez.. not the kind of setting I imagined but who cares right? So happen, it was the day where my 1st ever god-son, Ethan Axel Tan was born!

My soon-to-be husband(which i've been calling my hubby) has moved to Shanghai for his career advancement last week and I have to migrate to Shanghai as well to be with him (and shoo away all the pretty Chinese butterflies that might be interested in him) next year after Chinese New Year. I'm so proud of his achievement but I'm scared myself.. what on earth am I gonna do after I move there? will i be able to have my own career there? Or should I just brush up my MahJong skills and win the money of the rich tai-tais over there? Although I know he will never complain about me being jobless, but deep down, I fear that I will be a HUGE burden to him..

Oh, my next month schedule will be even more interesting:
1-4th sept-CLEAR MY SINGAPORE MESSY ROOM! and move back to my little hometown
4-20th -choose gowns for bridal shoot, pick my hubby up from airport, bridal shoot, food tasting for our wedding dinner, catch up with too many of my lost touch friends since I moved to sin, unpack my stuff, make it look nice and tidy so that mummy wont nag, clean my hubby's room and loads loads more...
20-23rd - KL-Sin
23-30th - Sin- Pudong, Shanghai to visit my hubby and beautify our soon to be home as it looks like a bachelor pad now (through SKYPE la!)
1-4th oct- Last few days in Sin, pack and bid farewell to the place I have lived for more than 2 years...

So now, is my life interesting or what?

p/s: I can't wait to try on more of the beautiful wedding gowns awaiting for me!!! I'll be bringing mummy, my 2 angelic sisters with me to give me all the thumbs up and downs... too bad hubby will still be stuck in Shanghai..

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