Friday, December 19, 2008

Top 22 most memorable things i've done..

Since my birthday is coming real soon.. (Dont worry, I aint hinting for a b'day present from all of u.. All i want is my family and friends to be with me, which is heavenly impossible) I would like to blog about what has created such great impact on me that I can never forget....

I think its good to write about it and save it as memory, just in case I lost my memory somewhere in the future, and these can be proves on how much fun I have had throughout my 22 years of life despite of the tears and sorrows I've been through...

1. My first Water rafting trip in Ipoh with Church Friends..
I wasn't capable of swimming and I went by faith.. Having someone who is pro in swimming beside me and I really enjoyed the whole journey.. It got me addicted and I went again at the same place after few months and another time in Kota Kinabalu.. SYIOK!!!
We were all freezing but we had so much fun.....

2. I got addicted to water sports and feel that I should learn swimming.. So, together with my Best Friend- Sau Kin and also my secondary friend- Yong Hong, we went and learn in Klang.. I did not finished the course and still suck in swimming.. But, at least I have a higher water confidence level...

3. My 1st ever trip with friends that I dont need to lie to my parents about.. hahahaha.. It was a short 2 days 1 night trip to Malacca and we ate so much I felt so guilty.. The nyonya nasi lemak, the portugese devil curry, the cendol etc.. Best of all.. the company...

4. The 1st and most probably the last time I step into West Port, Malaysia.. It was a rare opportunity and my boss-Jackie was kind enough to bring me along.. Although I'm not a big fan of shipping line and I quit my job 2-3 months after that trip.. I can't forget how majestic the ships are and how the port people can run such a big area..
Those rare moments you can see my boss smile so sweetly.. lol..

5. My experience in the realistic concrete jungle..
Boustead Shipping.. Taken during a company trip.. My group won in the tele-match and I was the leader.. YAHOO!!!
Globelink.. Which is the company I have learnt most from.. These are my colleagues that I'm closest to.. From left behind: Chua, me, Wendy
From left front: Lorna, Alyssa, Ivy.. Miss u guys so much..
My best part time job was as a sales assistant in Lazo Diamond and these are my partners in crime.. From left: Ah Tan, Janice, Fatty me and Ah ng.. U guys are the best!

6. I've learnt alot of things but master of none.. hahaha.. Computer, guitar, drums, clarinet, chess, baking, bla bla bla..

7. College moments.. Though I really sucked in my studies but I thank God that I've met great friends along the way and I did enjoyed my time when I was in Help University College.. Less worries, more play..
My college family.. From left: Robin, Jiangz, Edward, me and dearest Su Lin..

8. The mega camps that I've attended almost every year.. those wacky moments and fellowship..
2007.. (I missed 2008 camp because i'm stucked in Singapore!!!)
My group pic in 2006...
If not mistaken, this should be 2005 camp..

9. What is Christmas without caroling that I will try my best not to miss every year?
Going from house to house and spread the warmth of Christmas joy..

10. Christmas celebration 2007 with almost ALL my family members attended.. From Ah ma to cousins.. some adults weren't able to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.. This is the best family party that my mum has organized..
No Christmas party without a tall christmas tree..
Family pic with my mum's side of family.. One auntie's missing due to headache and left early..
My dad's side of family with loads of children and many adults weren't able to attend due to work related issues and Caleb's family stays in Penang which is too far for them to attend..
House was crowded and the hard work of cleaning the house is worth it..

11. Thanks to the blessing of my work nature, I get to travel around the world and see different places.. So far i've been to a few countries and more to come.. Can't wait!
All wrapped up in Amsterdam.. So far the best place I've been to..
Breakfast in Manchester which I met up with my cousin brother-Caleb as well.. Caleb, can't wait to go back Manchester and watch musical with you!!!
Desert Tour in Abu Dhabi.. A place which I never thought I will go..

12. Those endless fairy-tale like weddings I've attended..
My 1st ever friend's wedding that I've attended was Hwai Tah and Sherene's.. This wasn't taken during their wedding as I do not have a camera with me when I attended.. This pic is from some other functions.. A sweet couple..
Cheryl and David's.. Very grand and luxurious..
We girls taking every opportunity we could to cam-whore.. ignoring the men..
Anderson and Esther's.. Simple and sweet.. Most of us helped them out to make this memorable day special for them..
As usual, the girls cam-whoring ignoring the men.. Men feel left-out and tried to snatch the attention..

And many more other weddings I've attended..
And I believe, more to come..

13. I organized 2 surprise parties for 2 family members- Mummy and sister-Jessica.. No more organizing.. Its darn too tiring..
2-3 years back.. The roses that we gave our mum before she gets the surprise..
We brought her to the restaurant that we know she doesn't enjoy.. but we act blur..
Then we brought her to a karaok room where all her other siblings and relatives were waiting there.. She was so excited..

Then, on 2007, I organized a mini one for Jessica in our house.. Gathered most of her close friends (nearly 30.. ok.. not so mini) in our house after I got one of my friends to bring her out and baby-sit her while we prepared the party..
Jessica, I love you!! And Amanda, though I dont organize party for u doesn't mean I dont love you k.. tiring la..

But the expression on their shock face = PRICELESS...

14. My family vacation to Australia..
Warner Brothers place.. Jessica and Amanda were so young and thin..hahaha..
My FAVOURITE cartoon characted.. Tazmanian Devil.. So cute...
Our dressings were so 'lou tou' I can't stop laughing now..
Family pic with a koala bear.. Strongest proof that we were in Aussie..

15. Best Concert that I've attended.. Korean pop-star RAIN's concert.. best dance moves, best lightings, best of almost everything!! And best shirt-tearing on stage too.. hahaha..
Sorry la.. I wasn't able to take clearer pics.. I sat on the cheapest and almost furthest seat..
Me and Sau Kin.. Before we get high..

16. The good friends and buddies that I've met throughout my life that without them, I will not be who I am now..

Best friend since Primary School.. Sau Kin..
Teddy bear-Ryan..
Sweetest and lamest Ivy..
Caring and unselfish Eric..
Craziest bunch of all.. 'Uncle' Jeffrey, Grace, WC, slimmer me and darling Hermann..

17. I quarreled with my mum few days just to adopt this monster.. She was so cute and small when she first came to our house.. Then, as time passed, the monster in her unleashed..
But Princess, I still love you.. You are still the most adorable dog I ever had!! (coz u r the only dog I had so far.. )

18. I fell in love, out of love, in love, out of love so many times that I still don't have phobia coz of the lessons I've learnt and the sweet memories I've been through.. Who can forget their pass loves? Still longing for my prince charming to sweep my feet away..

19. Many flowers come and go in my life.. although I feel its a waste to buy flowers as they dont last long at all and cost quite a bomb for a perishable good, but the feeling of receiving it is so nice that you feel that you are in cloud nine..
This was sent to my company on my 21st b'day from my parents.. SUPER SURPRISE and i thought it was from some admirer.. but wasn't that dissapointed la when I found out its from my parents.. hahaha..
This was sent to my house with a box of Ferrero Rocher on one of the valentines day when me and my ex were suppose to get back together la.. but too bad.. we didn't..

20. I bought my own car!!!
Though tiny but useful and power quite good.. I'm still paying for it now though I hardly use it anymore.. Sien.................hahahahah..

21. My Kota Kinabalu trip..
A big seafood meal before we conquer the mountain..

Detour to Banana Boat fun before we torture ourselves climbing up the mountain..
I got EMO half way up to Kota Kinabalu as I felt sick and dizzy already..
Although I did not made it to the top, but the rest of my friends did..

22. Last but not least, my final decision to move to Singapore all alone to start a new career that I've never imagined I could.. Its been almost 6 months now since I 1st step onto this island and I'm doing well.. This is the toughest thing I have done so far and so many things to adjust in the beginning.. I guest I should feel proud of myself for being here longer than I've expected..hahaha..
Few more days I'll be an official 23 year old girl..ahem.. lady.. More challenges to come and more happy days awaiting for me to enjoy.. I believe, as long we live life to the fullest, there are nothing we can regret about in the future..
Since I've done quite a number of things.. I have set my goals for my next few years to accomplish before I settled down and get married.. I wanna do sky-diving, I wanna get a diving license, I wanna learn snow boarding, I wanna visit all the museums in Amsterdam (they have 700++ museums), I wanna do kayaking, I wanna travel to Taiwan and Bali with my family, I wanna open my own boutique and be my own boss.... And loads more.. Can't wait can't wait..

p/s: I'll be goin to korea on 24th morning and from there, will work my way to San Francisco.. Will be celebrating my 1st ever Christmas there without my family.. Merry Christmas to all of you (just in case i don't update my blog this period) and enjoy your times with your loved ones k..

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